The New VANTA Token Smart Contract Security Audit Verified by CertiK

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The New VANTA Token Smart Contract Security Audit Verified by CertiK(New VANTA Smart Contract)

CertiK, one of the world’s leading cyber security companies, has completed security checks on the New VANTA Token smart contract, as current ERC-20 based VNT(old) will be swapped to ERC-20 based VANTA(new) tokens on a different smart contract.

Testing Summary

PASS with the Score of 97/100

The code was analyzed by the proprietary CertiK formal verification engine and manually reviewed by CertiK’ smart contract experts and engineers same as the first audit. According to CertiK’s report, the New VANTA Token received a high score of 97 out of 100, along with an assessment that it is secure to be listed on digital asset exchanges.

The new CertiK Audit Report has been delivered to each digital asset exchanges to prove that our new VANTA Token has been passed security qualification to be listed.

About VANTA Network

VANTA is a decentralized and permission-less network that ensures real-time, secure and private connectivity. Through VANTA Network, both individuals and enterprises can develop real-time data transmission services and commercialize those services at low costs. VANTA aims to be the first real-world business application of blockchain technology in the field of real-time communication.

About CertiK

Founded by active professors at Yale and Columbia, CertiK has rapidly become the leading blockchain security service provider, delivering state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions to some of the largest blockchain projects across all major protocols including NEO, ICON (Official Partnership Between Binance and CertiK)

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