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Dear VANTA Community,

We are announcing the Token Swap event in order to increase the flexibility and scalability of the token. Current ERC-20 based VNT(old) will be swapped to ERC-20 based VANTA(new) tokens on a different smart contract, so there is a decrease in the total number of token issued at the ratio of 10 to 1.

Ex) If you had 10 VNT Tokens, after the Token Swap, you would have 1 VANTA. And the smart contract address will be also changed.

Token Swap

A token swap is a method by which one cryptocurrency is switched for another at a decided rate. A token swap is the interchange of one coin for another, so it signifies that users are expected to switch the old coin for the new one, or the value will be lost.
For old VNT holders, the level of their engagement in the token immigration method diversifies — according to where they deposit their tokens.

What is the purpose?

VANTA Network team propose to swap the current ERC-20 based VNT(old) to ERC-20 based VANTA(new) tokens on a different smart contract in order to provide more convenient cryptocurrency transaction environment to heighten the ecosystem. Also, by increasing the transaction convenience, we would like to expect more proper valuation for VANTA Token not only in Korean, but also in the global market. Regarding that we gathered feedback from leading cryptocurrency exchanges, institutional investors to decide proceed token swap and believe this will assist to engage our scalability and flexibility to grow in the market.

Token Swap Website


August 16th, 2019 (Friday) to September 30th, 2019 (Monday) will occur from the link above. Please follow the token ‘Swap Guide’ mentioned in the official website. If you had your old VNT tokens on the exchange, they may provide the Token Swap detail. Please refer to the Token Swap Official website as well as the announcements provided by the exchanges.

If you have any questions regarding the Token Swap event, please contact us at

Token Swap Customer Service

About VANTA Network

VANTA Network is a decentralized and permission-less network that ensures real-time, secure and private connectivity. Through VANTA Network, both individuals and enterprises can develop real-time data transmission services and commercialize those services at low costs. VANTA aims to be the first real-world business application of blockchain technology in the field of real-time communication.

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