Introducing Ciao — The First Application with VANTA Testnet Wallet

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Introducing Ciao — The First Application with VANTA Testnet Wallet

Today, we are excited to introduce one of the first applications to support the VANTA Testnet Wallet. To provide a quick introduction, Ciao is a real-time communication application made for scaling businesses and enterprises. The application is available on the Google PlayStore.

In this tutorial, you will first learn how to register and use the Ciao but also setup your first VANTA Testnet wallet.

1. Registration & Introduction to Team

First, to sign-up on the Ciao Android application, it is required to enter the email address for the verification process.

2. Enter the verification code sent to the email. If you have not yet received the verification, please click “Resend”. The verification code will be valid for the next 60 minutes.

3. Enter the name and password for the Ciao application. You may reset the name in the setting.


Once you have successfully registered, you are automatically added to the “Public” team of the Ciao application. Public is an open place where you are able to search users on the Ciao application and chat with anyone.

Create Team & Add Team

Swipe left-to-right in order to add new group called, “Team” by clicking, “Add Team”. You are able to either join other Teams or create on your own and invite new members.

2. How to Add Friends in Public and Invite Members

Add Friends

  1. You may search and add friends in Public Team. On the right bottom corner, click the symbol and enter the Ciao email address to add the friend to your contact list.

2. If you would like to add the user in the group or in the direct message, click the “add friend” button in the profile

Invite Members

You are able to create or join up to 25 Teams and invite new members to the Team. Once you have created the Team, you may click, “Invite Members” in the “More” tap.

You may also invite new members to the Team by copying the URL or sharing the invite link via other applications.

3. Create/Import VANTA Testnet Wallet

Create Wallet

  1. Click “Create Wallet” in the last tab. “My Wallet” is only available in the Public Team.

2. Enter the 6-letter PIN code. The PIN code will be required for the private key and mnemonic backup. Please note that it is NOT possible to recover the PIN Code once lost.

3. Once the wallet has been created, you may check the Mnemonic and join the next wallet main page. Please write the words down in a safe place. You are not able to take a screenshot of the particular page.

Import Wallet

  1. Click “Import Wallet” in the last tab

2. Enter the 6-letter PIN code.

3. Choose the method to import the wallet either by Private Key or Mnemonic.

4. Once the wallet has been imported, you may visit the wallet main page. If you would like to visit the setting page, click the profile located in the right top corner of the application.

4. Set the Main Wallet

Main wallet

  1. The Ciao Application supports a sign-in from multiple devices simultaneously for text messaging and application settings.
  2. Wallet, on the other hand, is dedicated to each device. In order to use the main wallet associated with the email, you may click “Import Wallet” with Private Key or Mnemonic.

3. You may follow the steps below to set the main wallet.

(1) Once you have successfully imported or created the wallet, you may set the current wallet as the Main Wallet.

(2) When you log in to Ciao from another device, a popup notification will be available to indicate that you already have the existing main wallet associated with the account. If you would like to use the Main Wallet, you may import the wallet either by Private Key or Mnemonic.

(3) When you log in to Ciao from another device and create a new wallet, the main wallet may be replaced to the new one. Please note that Ciao recommend to own only one wallet for each email account.

(4) The Ciao Wallet is removed once the account has been logged out, or the application has been deleted from the device for security. Make sure you have the Private Key and Mnemonic stored in a safe place. The Ciao application is not responsible for the loss or leakage of Private Key and Mnemonic.

The Main Wallet in the Ciao Application will be indicated on your profile page. The wallet associated with your profile will remain even if the wallet has been removed from the account. Please make sure to check the correct wallet address before sending and receiving crypto-assets in the application. New features such as wallet address removal, etc. will be available progressively in future releases.

Download Ciao on Google PlayStore

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