Releasing Fantom Vision

Fantom | 03.25| 122

By Connor Hughes

Yesterday we shared details on our new and improved API server, along with all the documentation developers need to start building their Fantom-powered dApps.

Today, we’re pleased to show you an example: Fantom Vision. GoFantom’s purpose-built explorer not only takes advantage of the new GraphQL API’s increased speed and performance, but also makes use of more efficient structural design to increase responsiveness.

Fantom Vision incorporates new features as well, with validators’ identities, pictures and website links included; infinite scrolling on transaction and block pages, and an elevated focus on mobile usability.

After extensive feedback from the community, the term ‘cheater’ has been changed to ‘flagged’ when describing validators the network identifies as such.

Further work will concentrate on adding more features to the explorer, including smart contract transaction details, additional design improvements and more.

Check it out here

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