Attention Developers! Releasing our new, high-performance API server

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By Connor Hughes and GoFantom Team

We’re delighted to release our new high-performance API for developers to use when building on Fantom. The GraphQL API, built by the GoFantom arm of the team, can transmit information from the Opera network at lightning speed. Developers can focus on building their applications’ features rather than worrying about whether the API can handle as much throughput as the chain can.

We experienced this very issue with our explorer and wallets; the Opera chain was able to handle everything thrown at it with ease while the API fetching the data from the chain fell short. That’s why we got the GoFantom team on the case immediately, and they’ve tailor-built the new API with Opera’s underlying performance in mind. The ecosystem tools are just as crucial as the consensus when it comes to scalability and using the technology in real-world environments, so it needs to be the best possible.

The new API is rated A+ by GoReportCard, with a score of 100% in all seven categories. These metrics show the efficiency of the code, not only in terms of speed but also clarity and ease-of-use.

GoReportCard’s assessment of the new API codebase

We have published the API server in the fantom-API-graphql Github repository. Feel free to download and deploy your copy of the application. We are actively developing the project and adding new features, so it’s worth checking the repository regularly for the latest updates.

For instructions on getting started and installing the API server for your own projects, see the full documentation here.

If you have any questions about the API or building on Fantom generally, don’t hesitate to join our Discord server where our developer community is on-hand and happy to help!

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