Introducing new dapp project — ‘Pluto Chain’

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Introducing new dapp project — ‘Pluto Chain’

PLTC Token Sale will begin on March 30th in TTC Connect

Dear Community,
Today, we are here to introduce you a new dapp project — ‘Pluto Chain’.

Pluto Chain is a reverse ICO project by Plutus, who develops and manages a crypto trading bot service ‘Crypto Manager’. Plutus generates roughly 2B USD worth of liquidity annually and has top tier global exchange partners, such as ByBit and SnapEX.

Plutus is one of the earliest TTC Representatives since the launching of the TTC mainnet ‘Rigi’. They decided to convert their core service into TTC dapp for the TTC mainnet’s fast transaction speed and its stability.

Through this collaboration, Plutus will be able to build a faster, more stable and transparent trading platform for ordinary investors, while TTC ecosystem can gain more users and traction through a new dapp service.

Pluto Chain — Core Services

Pluto Chain aims to enable crypto holders to make better investment choices by providing transparent information and accessible tools. Pluto Chain is developing ‘Coin Surf’, a comprehensive cryptocurrency investment platform and ‘PlutoNodes’, a all-in-one node rewarding program for everyday users.

Whitepaper | Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter |

Key Features of Coin Surf

  1. Mirror Trading
    ‘Mirror Trading’, as the most core feature of Coin Surf, enables ordinary investors to copy professionals’ strategies with a single click. All the registered professional traders in Coin Surf are screened by the team for their background and performance, including thorough KYC process. All the trading history is recorded in the blockchain for users to check and see each earnings rate with full transparency and accuracy.
  2. Crowd Voting
    By voting to the DPoS main net node designated by Pluto Chain, PLTC token holders can earn bonus rewards, up to 100%. The bonus rewards will be calculated based on the amount of PLTC token holding and ‘Plutochain Tier’ (check the whitepaper for details). In the case of “TTC”, users are expected to earn an annual bonus rewards up to 80%.
  3. Investor Community
    Pluto Chain believes that each investment should be backed by accurate data and information. In Coin Surf, users can obtain real-time crypto news, market price, and high-quality information from the forum and verified professional traders.

What is PLTC token?

PLTC token provides transparent transaction information of cryptocurrency market and the token is base cryptocurrency of the comprehensive investment platform ‘Coin Surf’.

Token Symbol: PLTC
Mainnet: TTC (TST20)
Token Contract Address: t085070f32eCeA4E7a6E0EC67da7b2F2F0A323A5a2
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 500,000,000 PLTC

Key Utilities of PLTC

  1. Node Rewards
    PLTC holders can earn bonus mining rewards by participating in Pluto Chain node service. The node mining rewards are distributed based on the amount of the PLTC token holding — More PLTC token you hold, more DPOS node profit you can gain.
  2. Coin Surf In-Service Currency
    Users can use PLTC token to copy professional’s trading strategy through the Mirror Trading feature. In return, professional traders receive a portion of PLTC tokens. Also, anyone can earn PLTC tokens by creating a high-quality contents in the Coin Surf community, while other users can pay PLTC to access these information.
  3. Consulting Subscription
    Pluto Chain plans to launch a series of forecasting services, such as price forecasting and trend forecasting, all based on the refined real training data. Ordinary investors can use PLTC to subscribe to these services and benefit from accurate forecasting data by using them as a reference to their investment choices.

PLTC Public Sale begins on March 30th, 2020

On March 30th 2020, Pluto Chain is launching the public token sales through TTC Connect. For anyone who wants to participate in the token sale, go download TTC Connect first and complete the KYC process in advance.

Download ‘TTC Connect’ and join the sales now!

Here are the detailed information on the public token sale. You will be able to find the same information in the token sale pages in TTC Connect, once it opens.

Total Sale Amount: 5,000,000 PLTC
Token Sale Period: 2020.03.30 19:00 ~ 2020.04.06 19:00 (GMT+8)
Minimum Purchase Amount: 5,000 TTC
Maximum Purchase Amount: 300,000 TTC

Plutus has been a loyal partner and a core contributor to the TTC ecosystem. We are thrilled to collaborate with Plutus to expand the TTC ecosystem to broader audiences.

Stay tuned for more partnerships and collaborations by following the official Telegram and twitter.

— TTC Foundation


All the information in this page is provided by Pluto Chain Limited (the “Seller”) and TTC Foundation is not the seller of this product and does not hold any legal liability for the purchase, sale and return of the PLTC tokens.

For any questions, issues, and/or inquiries, please contact the Pluto Chain.

About TTC
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