Fantom Technical Update 18

Fantom | 03.23| 115

By Michael Kong

Fantom has been working hard on the first post-mainnet Opera network upgrade, which will be an upgrade to both go-lachesis and the Special-fee contract (“SFC”). We have been carefully testing many aspects of changes to ensure a smooth and consistent upgrade for this release, and future releases. In doing so, we have built and continue to build a number of different automatic test suites, to ensure that upgrades in the future happen faster with more automation.

We have also continued to make Go-lachesis ABCI-compatible, and have added further upgrades to both the backend, Go-lachesis, and the SFC.



Research and Development

  • Worked on test scenarios and tried to improve test coverage for the upgrade release candidates. We have reached a stable release candidate of go-lachesis. We are also working on a plan for this release.
  • Investigated a new language with some extensions to allow us to write more secure smart contracts. The new approach will be compatible with Solidity. Further details will be released in a published paper.
  • We are also investigating several improvements to Go-lachesis, including optimisations, such as more effective gossiping, event block packing, and transaction pooling.
  • Researched the best way to mint fUSD from collected rewards.

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