Establishment of MBL Media and Appointment of Ahn Hong-ju as CEO

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Hello MovieBloc community,

MovieBloc is happy to announce the establishment of MBL Media, a content IP development company.

MBL Media, co-founded by MovieBloc and Pandora TV, will carry out IP development, production and copyright management centered on animation and movie content as its main business.

Ahn Hong-ju, one of MovieBloc’s advisor, has been appointed as CEO of MBL Media, and will take charge of story and design development, production and business with the aim of providing promising IP development rights domestically and abroad.

Ahn Hong-joo, CEO of MBL Media, has served as the executive producer of the featured animation “Nut Job,” co-chairman and producer of Astro-Natural Entertainment in the U.S., co-founder and co-chairman of Tunbox Canada, professional executive in KT Content Strategy/ IPTV content, Hongik University/Hanyang University co-professor and Walt Disney Korea executive.

Through the joint establishment of MBL Media, MovieBloc will secure valuable film and animation IPs domestically and abroad, and will also carry out fund-laying collaborations for production. In addition, we expect to be able to act as content accelerator and consultant for a variety of high-quality IPs to enter the MovieBloc ecosystem.

With the establishment of MBL Media, we will be pushing out amazing and interesting contents to the world using blockchain technology and hope that copyrights will also be protected and ultimately contribute to the development of the film industry.

MovieBloc Overview

MovieBloc is a blockchain-based movie distribution platform that enables producers, ecosystem participants, and audiences alike to monetize based on quality content. MovieBloc is Pandora TV’s blockchain project launched in 2004, sharing more than 15 years of content streaming technology, advertising business, and platform operating experience. In January 2020, the company launched a formal service and operates a movie sharing platform for global markets. Movie Block currently operates 30 supporters, consisting of film majors and film industry workers.

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