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On-chain Task is a blockchain-based application on Ontology’s official mobile client ONTO since ONTO v2.5.1. It allows you to set tasks and challenges and achieve goals together with your friends. Plenty of rewards await you!

Motivate yourself by managing your goals.

Before entering On-chain Task, please make sure that you have downloaded ONTO and created a ONT ID digital identity wallet.

For Task Creators

Step 1: Click and access the On-chain Task from dApp page on ONTO
Step 2: Click on the “+” button to create a task.

You will then see a pop-up window showing two modes: Normal and Deposit.

Normal mode does not involve any token while deposit mode requires token. Each participant should deposit no less than 1 ONT or 0.01 ONG into the Ontology contract in order to participate.

All users who have completed a certain task will share its rewards.

Let’s take the Deposit mode for example.

Step 3: Set up task description, task rules, deposit amount, tag, task date, specified duration.

For instance, let’s create a “Drink water task” where everyone is requested to deposit 5 ONG into the Ontology contract as part of the total rewards pool.

Anyone who uploads a photo him/her drinking water during the 10:00~12:00 on March 10th will share all the rewards.

#Please note that a Task should be set to start 24 hours later from its creation.

Step 4: Check the task created in “My Task” and share it to your social media.

Please note that tasks in “My Task” is normally only visible to yourself, unless you share a task to public and then users who click on your shared link to participate in this task will be able to see the task details.

However, if your task is promoted to “Hot Task”, then all ONTO users can see the task details.

For participants

Step 1: Go to your On-chain Task on ONTO and click “My Task” to check details of tasks that you have participated.
Step 2: Click “Complete a task now” after selecting the task you want to complete under “My Tasks”.

You will be able to post it on the task dApp and share on other social media platforms.

Step 3: Check your rankings. The more tasks you complete, the higher your ranking will be.

To celebrate the launch of this new On-chain Task, a special On-chain Task campaign is on the way! Please stay tuned.

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