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By Connor Hughes, edited by Simone Pomposi and Michael Chen

Today, we’re delighted to announce! will be the first full-feature DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform to be launched outside of Ethereum, and the very first to be launched on an aBFT consensus.

The benefits of Fantom’s aBFT consensus are:

  • near-instant finality
  • high transaction throughput
  • high security

on a leaderless smart-contract platform.

These characteristics are essential for DeFi. We’ve all witnessed the tremendous growth of DeFi in the past few months, and we believe it will continue to do so.

Lachesis — Fantom’s aBFT consensus — will make on-chain trading, lending, and borrowing fast and secure. More importantly, your financial operations will not experience any delay or congestion.

Imagine being stuck in a bad trade or risking liquidation because of delays caused by digital cats!

Navigate to the site to learn more and sign up for early access to be the first to know when the platform goes live!

Introducing Fantom Finance

There are two primary components of Fantom Finance: fLend and fTrade.

fLend allows you to borrow and lend tokens from/to the aggregate liquidity pool for a transparent, verifiable APR. As an FTM staker, you will also be able to collateralize your locked FTM rewards, mint fUSD against them, and then lend the fUSD to the liquidity pool to earn additional returns.

Or, you can use fUSD to borrow synthetics.

fTrade, on the other hand, supports a staggering 176 tradeable synthetic assets — all with high liquidity, fast transactions, and zero slippage. These synthetics are secured on-chain by the Opera network’s Proof-of-Stake consensus and traded directly from your wallet — with no custodian, ensuring maximum protection of your assets on all fronts.

What’s coming next

We are currently working on the final details of the platform, and it is expected to launch in Q2. It is an exciting time for Fantom and for the blockchain space in general, where new ideas are created every day.

Head to the website for more info and to sign up for early access!

And if you want to discuss Fantom.Finance and the future of DeFi, join our Discord channel here.

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