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February is the month with the least days of the year but nevertheless we have many updates to share with you!

Over the past two weeks, we have been focusing on business development to expand our node hosting services to a wider range of users, as well as UX/UI and product development, which has resulted in more and improved blockchain node hosting applications in our node market.

Why host your blockchain node on the Ankr cloud?

We would like to emphasize once again the key benefits of using our cloud platform and applications to host your blockchain nodes.

  • With the Ankr one-click deployment application, it takes literally less than 5 minutes to deploy your blockchain node. No need to go through any documentation or pricing setup at a public cloud provider.
  • There is zero technical knowledge required to set up any blockchain node on the Ankr cloud, which makes it much easier for community members to contribute to the goal of decentralizing the network.
  • Ankr is the cheapest hosting solution out there. You will save up to 80% of your hosting costs from public cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean.
  • You can pay the costs for node hosting not only with credit card, but also with several cryptocurrencies, such as ANKR and USDT and even more tokens will be added in the future.
  • Ankr blockchain support specialists provide support 24/7 in all timezones around the globe across several platforms such as Telegram and our brand-new Discord group.

In addition to serving blockchain communities and other retail customers and becoming the go-to place for affordable and easy-to-use hosting services for blockchain protocols, we also provide turnkey services to various blockchain companies such as cryptocurrency exchanges, custody providers and staking platforms.

Business update

Ankr and LTO Network collaboration
Ankr and LTO Network are collaborating on providing node hosting solutions and launched a campaign for staking enthusiasts!

Together with our friends at LTO Network, we are aiming to further decentralize their network by bringing easy node hosting and staking solutions to both our communities. This campaign embodies the first of many collaborations in this space, and has already led to an increase in LTO nodes of 40% in less than one week!

The campaign offers a reward pool of 100,000 LTO tokens as well as 1 month of free hosting at Ankr, and is still open for participation until March 16th!

Find all relevant information here:

Stepping closer to institutional node hosting services
In addition to providing distributed cloud services and node hosting solutions to retail customers, Ankr is entering the institutional markets by collaborating with cryptocurrency exchanges, custody providers and other institutionals to integrate our node hosting services and optimize their DevOps expenses in the process. More news and names of these parties will be announced in the coming weeks!

Community update

Blockchain Beyond the Hype event
To launch our collaboration and campaign with LTO Network, Ankr attended the “Blockchain Beyond the Hype” networking event in Amsterdam, where we presented our campaign and met with a great audience of representatives from international financial and technical areas, the banking sector, government innovation departments, cryptocurrency exchanges, liquidity providers, startups, corporations and more.

New website design
We have also launched the new version of our website with brand-new design and significant emphasis on our one-click blockchain node hosting solutions!

This new version is created to cater to both blockchain node hosts as well as large scale resource providers to balance the equation, and move forward to the next stage of adoption.

New Discord group for node hosting support
To further expand to our 24/7 support for our node hosting applications, we have created a Discord group for node owners. Please join if you have any questions on this topic!

Development update

New applications in our node market
We are now supporting 32 different protocols in our node market! For each of these blockchains we have an application available to host one or more types of nodes in just a few easy clicks.

The latest additions to our node market are Celer and two recently launched members of the Polkadot ecosystem: Edgeware and Kusama.

We are working on many more node applications and will be adding them to our node market over the coming weeks! If you want to see you blockchain of choice in our node market, feel free to vote for your preferred protocol on our website

UX/UI improvements
To provide the very best and most intuitive user experience, we are constantly working on improvements in our UX and UI of our cloud platform as well as individual applications. We have added many small changes to our node hosting apps and have further improved the design of our platform. This is an ongoing process as we strive to bring the most user-friendly node hosting product out there to our customers.

Payment methods
Integration with credit card and cryptocurrencies ANKR and USDT are finished and will be activated after our free trial period ends on March 15th. We will notify our users beforehand to minimize the risk of any nodes going offline.

On request of our various communities, we are also working on integration of native currencies of our most popular apps as payment method in the near future.

We are thankful for your ongoing support and are looking to grow together with our community and long-time followers.

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