Moving the Fantom Community to Discord

Fantom | 03.04| 124

By Michael Chen

Over the past 2 years, Fantom has seen most of its user activity in its Telegram Official Discussion Group. We’ve met some great individuals, hired developers, met new business developers, and much more through maintaining this chat.

To guarantee a high level of quality and organization of the community conversations, we decided to move all our discussion channels to Discord. This will also ensure that tech support questions get properly addressed and easily referenceable by having their own channel.

In 24 hours, we’ll be putting the Telegram Discussion Group on read-only mode to help facilitate the migration.

Moving to Discord will help for the following reasons:

  • Reduce clutter and noise from being in 10+ different Telegram groups and channels.
  • Better admin permissions and native functionality to manage each individual channel or group.
  • Native voice channels for live AMA’s.
  • Clear titles in the member list, community members less likely to message impersonators.
  • Reduce the number of malicious actors entering group (we’ve seen an increase in the number of malicious Telegram channels and movements popping up over 2019)
  • Twitter and Medium Webhooks, instantly feed-in content from other Fantom-related channels.

For those who prefer Telegram as their means of receiving daily updates, we’ll keep supporting the Fantom Announcements Channel on Telegram.

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