New development team joins Fantom

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By Connor Hughes

We’re thrilled to reveal that Fantom has united with a new team of experienced developers, with a focus on developing ecosystem tools. The acquisition of the GoFantom team’s expertise allows us to focus on improving consensus with our existing development teams, while GoFantom builds the front-facing layer of our ecosystem, including tools for developers, which our community members interact with.

Many members of our community will already be aware of GoFantom’s dedication to building on Fantom, with several dApps released and planned since Opera was released. We love their approach: “Build first, talk later” — an ethos we share and one that provides the foundations for a successful working relationship. The GoFantom team will have an initial focus on developing ecosystem tools such as hardware wallet integration for Ledger and Trezor, high-performance APIs for wallets and explorers, and MetaMask-like compatibility for the Opera network for seamless connection to dApps.

How did we come to hire the GoFantom team?

After coming in contact with some of the GoFantom team’s work from their submissions to the Fantom Development Contest, we found ourselves communicating back and forth with them on a daily basis. Rather than providing the team with a small reward, we decided that they would add significant value to the Fantom ecosystem if onboarded in a full-time capacity.

Meet the GoFantom team:

Jakub Stepanik — CEO: After spending the last two years strengthening his team and business network, Jakub is now eager to deliver fast and scalable consensus to a variety of industries across Europe. Before this, Jakub founded and ran two international companies for over 20 years; both focused on building technology solutions that delivered speed and ease-of-use ahead of their time.

Jiri Malek — CTO: Jiri joined Jakub’s first start-up, Uniforms Express, with a postgraduate degree in Information Systems Design from the University of Defense, Brno. Jiri is a full-stack developer who’s relevant experience with Golang and using oracles will be a tremendous asset to Fantom’s upcoming development in these areas.

Jiri is a versatile engineer with strong experience in backend development, frontend development and server management,

Languages and systems that he works with include: Go, Java, C, Php, Javascript, React, Solidity, PostgreSQL, and Oracle, and puts lot of emphasis on performance and security aspects.

Jiri developed both and applications, using high performance GraphQL and Golang as the backend, with the front-end in React and Apolo.

Pavel Spacil — Senior Developer: Pavel studied Mathematics at Masaryk University before embarking on a successful career in full-stack development. His skills in a variety of programming languages and UI design allow him to create high-quality interfaces that drive adoption. Pavel worked at Edookit, Jakub’s second start-up, for 9 years before joining GoFantom. He excels especially in specialized JS work and his apps and components are always super performant and small in size.

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