The Key To Medicine Of Future Or How Prometeus Network Can Save Hundred Thousand Korean Animal From…

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The Key To Medicine Of Future Or How Prometeus Network Can Save Hundred Thousand Korean Animal From Cruel Testings

In the physician-scientists’ unanimous opinion, big data management is the key to the medical breakthrough. Clinicians, researchers and patients need to share data more intensive. Prometeus Labs proposes a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for data challenges in healthcare. Our blockchain network is able to link clinical trial endpoints from all other the world, and avoid new costly researches, including cruel animal testing

Save animals from testing

Clinical endpoints are outcome measures in clinical research trials. For example, a trial investigating the ability of a medication to prevent heart attack might use chest pain as an endpoint. Any patient who develops chest pain over the course of this research, then, would be counted as having reached that clinical outcome.

Here is the problem, that lies within the area of data sharing among thousands researchers, laboratories and hospitals. Various studies on a particular topic often do not address the same outcomes, making it difficult to draw clinically useful conclusions when a group of studies is looked at as a whole.

The endpoints are under a loupe with Prometeus

As a result of this problem, physician-scientists rely on false or outdated medical data. They have to synthesize more chemicals and do more testings and trial. In Korea, animals are suffering from these additional researches.

The Korean Ministry of Agriculture published laboratory statistics, which revealed record-high animal use in 2018. In total 3,727,163 rodents, rabbits, dogs, fish, monkeys and other animals were used in Korean experiments. One in every three animals was subject to chemical poisoning without pain relief.

In this situation, it is very important to share data that is already available and used in the EU, USA, Russia, China, Korea and other countries. Data sharing will avoid the need for additional animal testing and will safeguard the work done. Another word, you don’t need to synthesize and test on the animal a new medical chemical if somebody has already done it. You don’t need to achieve endpoints in clinical trials if they have been already achieved. You’ve better buy all the required data to keep researching, not to start it new. Today different clinical and pharmaceutical consortiums all over the world can’t share data with quite an effectiveness to synchronize results of their trials. Prometeus labs can change it. Our team provide with the healthcare industry a secure and decentralized ecosystem, that serves as an infrastructure for gathering, validating, processing, enriching, and selling trials’ data.

Animal testing in medical laboratory

Link clinical trial endpoints

In Prometeus network, every researcher or laboratory may be a data owner, who, alone, sets the price for his own data. Selling data can take the form of Studies, Robust Studies Summaries, Chemical Safety Reports and clinical trial endpoints. Data owner upload it in an unlimited format directly to the Prometeus blockchain network nodes through the validator with a user-friendly interface. All endpoints or other information will be encrypted by the private key. Only the data buyer will receive the second key. Now the data is safe, nobody will be able to steal it. But everybody, including other researchers and laboratory, sees this data in the form of metadata in the datamart — it is like a virtual shop. Now, it is more profitable to buy data of completed trials than to do a new one in the same topic.

All deals are making though user-friendly datamart by impartial smart-contracts. Every transaction is recorded in a distributed ledger. Data owner always will see online who and when is buying his data. These records cannot be rolled back or faked. Data owner is always able to delete his information or refuse to sell it.

How it works with Prometeus network

For example, now Korean medical facilities (Division of Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine, Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital, College of Medicine and Catholic University) conduct tests to improve treatment of Korean patients with mild-to-moderate essential hypertension.


365 hypertensive patients in this study were divided into 3 groups according to taken medication — fimasartan, valsartan or olmesartan. Ambulatory blood pressure was measured before and after the 6-week treatment. The primary endpoint of the trial was reduction of sitting office systolic blood pressure of fimasartan compared to valsartan after 6 weeks. The details of this testing need to be share fast among all involved researchers. Then the secondary endpoint will be achieved faster.

One of Korean medical facility, who participates in hypertension testing, achieves any trial endpoint. Then this facility uploads data of endpoint in the blockchain network through the validator. All rest med facilities will see it right there in the datamart. Now they can free or for money to get this information (depend on arrangements). The deal will be provided by smart-contract. The transaction is recorded to the distributed ledger. Nobody can fake this record.
The usual patients are data owners in our system too. They can upload in Prometeus network their disease histories and sell it as data to researchers for money, discount on therapy or more personalized treatment. But scattered raw data of millions of patients will have no value for researches. The value will grow considerably after enrichment. In Prometheus Network, the role of Enricher can be carried out by AI companies and data scientists.

Be with us. Read about other Prometeus network use-cases in our next articles.

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