Dear prometeus community!

Prometeus | 03.02| 175

Dear prometeus community! Already two weeks passed from our last technical report. A lot of interesting stuff happened for last month. This time, we would like to split our monthly report on two parts: Business development/community and Technical progress. If you missed our previous reports, you can find them here.

Business Development/Community

Technical Progress

General updates:

  • Finished server side of full multi wallet support;
  • Released beta version of UI for all type of nodes;
  • Improved version of Prom blockchain explorer.

Service node

SN v1.2 release:

  • Improved round robin algorithm, which allows to improve load balancing mechanism among the nodes of Prometeus Network;
  • R&D concerning distributed data storage speed boost that will allow to improve storage speed 20x-100x from today’s numbers;
  • Integration tests with SIA — decentralized storage platform secured by blockchain technology;

Data validator

DV v1.2 release:

  • Double check of metadata integrity during initial data loading;
  • New hashtag support mechanism is now available for metadata;
  • Time lag before the new data point becomes fully available for browsing and purchase decreased to 5 minutes (prediction is 15–40 sec in final version).

Data mart

DM v1.2 release:

  • Server side caching is available for the files, which were purchased once (to avoid occasional double purchase);
  • Design and R&D of US/UI for easy exploring of heterogeneous data.

Please stay tuned for upcoming updates. Thank you for your outstanding support. Follow us on social media:

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