November technical progress report

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November technical progress report

We are trying to catch a moment that we missed last year, so here is our second article from a cycle dedicated to our technical progress. If you missed the October report, we highly recommend you to take a look at it before reading this article. You can find it here.

In October we used to work on data validator and service node and created a basement for whole Prometeus ecosystem, but, to be honest with you, everything was far from being and ideal :) That’s why in November we improved everything that was done for October and started to work on Data Mart, but first things first:

Service node

SN v1.02 release:

  • Implementation of Plasma for storing internal transactions;
  • Added decentralized data storage, Ethereum Swarm;
  • Capacity increase.

SN v1.03 release:

  • Added Redis Hashtable, responsible for key storage;
  • Added Rest API for integration with other parts of the ecosystem.

Data validator

DV v1.02 release:

  • Added internal API and admin interface for data loads;
  • Added the initial data encryption component.

DV v1.03 release:

  • Added Redis Hashtable, responsible for key storage;
  • Added Rest API for integration with other parts of the ecosystem;
  • Improved initial data encryption component: added storage encryption key, re-encrypted by a data encryption key. Implementation of unique key technology.

Data Mart

In November we’ve started to work on our data mart, and even we able to release a beta version

DM v1.01 release:

  • Data purchase function (from data owner via data validator by service node);
  • Payment system;
  • Encrypted meta-data storage;
  • Unique “key pair” generation for each purchase;
  • Data update (based on blockchain);
  • Data download and decryption from decentralized storage.

General updates:

  • Development of Rest API;
  • Integration between Data validator and Service node via Rest API;
  • The initial version of smart-contracts;
  • Improvement of encryption/decryption mechanism, capacity increase;
  • The initial version of Prometeus ecosystem UX/UI.

Please, stay tuned for more technical reports, we are going to publish more in the coming days. Also, we would like to invite you to our weekly AMA with Prometeus team this Sunday (19. January) at 01:00 PM UTC+0, three best questions will be rewarded with 25$ in PROM tokens each. Don’t forget to subscribe to our social media channels:

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