October technical progress report

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October technical progress report

We all know that we are kind late, posting October community report in January, but it’s never too late, right? :)

As we previously mentioned in announcements, Prometeus team were fully concentrated on technical development for last months. 2020 came and we decided to publish a series of articles, dedicated to technical progress that we’ve made for that time. We hope that this will create a full picture of prometeus ecosystem and encourages our supporters to help us more and more. To be honest, we achieved a lot of and even overcome ourselves in terms of technology development for last months.

During October we were working mostly upon architecture and data storage design. As you all know, Prometeus ecosystem is consists from 4 basic parts:

  1. Data Validator
  2. Data Mart
  3. Service Node
  4. Decentralized Data Storage

In October we were busy working on Data validator instance and service node instance.

Data validator receives and stores data from data owner, which can be sold on Data Mart, he is responsible for their integrity. In October we developed basic principles of work, created unique encrypted key generation mechanism for data validator and even were able to release some functions in beta stage, such as:

1. Insurance that data owner has access to the wallet

2. Encryption of data on the side of own instance

3. Data downloading to the ecosystem

4. Storage of encrypted passwords from personal data

5. Storage of accesses to corresponding data wallets

And here comes minute of a shilling, why data validator is safer that centralized systems and what we were able to achieve:

1. All encryption keys of personal data are unique;

2. Service node can’t decrypt key by itself, it needs data validator;

3. Data validator can’t lose part of encryption keys;

4. Everything for encryption and decryption of your data is stored on a blockchain and in case of technical problems might be restored by data validator.

Service node beta released functions:

1. Storage of ecosystem internal transactions

2. Storage of meta and personal data as a part of distributed storage

3. Processing of incoming requests

4. Transaction execution and their protection in case of emergency

That was quite hard to finish everything in October, but main part of the team were working literally without any day-offs and was able to finish everything for a month. We also have made some progress in business development and were able to reach agreements of beta testing by some companies, but for now we can not reveal that information due NDA.

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