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Dear friends and Prometeus supporters. We hope that start of this year for you was fantastic! Because, a good year beginning makes the whole year good :)

We know, that last year was not the best one for PROM from community side, you were not satisfied by community policy of Prometeus team. We used to communicate with you, to be honest, pretty rarely, and used to be almost silent for last few months, not sharing with you what is going on inside team and project. But there were solid reasons for that. We wanted to fully concentrate on technology development to make it as much perfect as it could be for this day. And, actually, we have made huge leap in project development for last year, and you are going to find out everything soon enough.

We are sincerely thankful to you for strong support, despite of our community policy. But in this year, we decided to change it, and right now we want to announce policy of full transparency not only in token economy, but also in everything regarding project development and progress. More news, development reports, partnerships, promotions for community supporters, there everyone can try out our product and get cool rewards :)

First of all, we would like to create a few new traditions of our community:

1. Weekly/Biweekly reports regarding project development and progress. We are going to publish them almost every Saturday, starting from this one.
2. Weekly AMA’s with different team members, there you can ask any project related question. And by the way, every week we will give prom rewards for most interesting questions. Weekly AMA’s are going to be conducted every Sunday, starting from this one.

Once again, we would like to congratulate our community with year 2020 and wish you of you reach their own targets.

Stay tuned and follow our media channels for more details.

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