Ankr partners with BiKi to support their staking services

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Ankr is proud to announce a strategic partnership with BiKi Mining Pool, the staking service provider of BiKi Exchange. We will conduct in-depth collaboration with BiKi Mining Pool to integrate high-profile blockchain nodes and provide the infrastructure and resources to further expand and jointly develop the Biki Staking ecosystem.

About Ankr

Ankr is building a marketplace for container based cloud services. It is a full stack cloud service for container deployment using shared resources. We will provide developers with the ability to deploy 100+ types of blockchain nodes on our cloud platform.

Our current focus is to provide easy and affordable hosting, management, deployment and monitoring solutions for blockchain-specific nodes, applications, exchanges and staking platforms.

The Ankr Node Market at

We utilize idle resources, which are provided by world-class data centers from well known enterprise-class companies such as DigitalOcean, telecom giant Telefónica, Lotte Data Communications and more which are globally distributed over 5 continents.

In addition to individual blockchain node hosting services, we provide updates and maintenance for all mainnet integrations and nodes for staking platforms and exchanges. Our services help them offer easier mainnet implementation and adoption, more flexibility and heavily reduced overhead expenses relating to both DevOps and cloud hosting.

About BiKi

BiKi Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018, with headquarters in Singapore, with a strong focus on global market growth. Currently the exchange has over 2 million registered users with 130,000 daily active users worldwide and over 2 billion USD in average daily trading volume.

BiKi Exchange provides trading for more than 150 cryptocurrencies and 250 trading pairs. aims to provide the safest, most stable and most effective cryptocurrency trading platform. 100% of the transaction fees are used in buyback and burning of platform token, BIKI.

The BiKi Mining Pool is part of the BiKi exchange and supports a variety of staking methods for various high-profile blockchains and tokens.

The BiKi staking service at BiKi Mining Pool

Please find more information about BiKi Exchange on Coinmarketcap.

Ankr and BiKi

Together with Ankr, BiKi aims to grow their Mining Pool services with staking support for more blockchains and in the process benefit from resource sharing, market expansion and cost reduction by utilizing idle resources from the Ankr Cloud.

We are looking forward to our cooperation with BiKi and work together to further expand the BiKi Mining Pool and provide a plethora of reliable staking services for users around the globe.

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