Ankr provides one-click deployment for Matic nodes

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Matic has been one of our very first and long time partners. Our journey together started back in September 2018 when Ryan Fang and Sandeep Nailwal first met in Mumbai, India at a joint meetup.

As a star project of India, a country where we have an established long-time following, Matic has always been our like-minded partner. Based on the Plasma concept, the Matic Network serves as an existing platform sidechain expansion solution that provides scalability and a superior user experience for Dapps user functions based on these platforms.

We have been working together on various fronts, such as researching how to use the Plasma solution to speed up transactions in the Ankr network and activating our mutual communities. The latest and most exciting outcome of our collaboration is the launch of our one-click deployment solution for hosting Matic testnet nodes on the Ankr cloud.

Ryan Fang, Co-founder and COO of Ankr said: We are excited to launch our node hosting solution with our friends of Matic Network, and are very proud of everything they achieved since we first met in Mumbai. We are happy to help the Matic community to easily host their nodes on Ankr and further decentralize the network during this stage and in the future.

Node hosting as a service has now become our major use-case, with already over 25 blockchain protocols added to our node hosting application platform. We are working together with many other high profile blockchain companies to facilitate one-click node deployment for their testnet or mainnet nodes. Recently, we have delivered node hosting applications for Binance Chain and TomoChain and are currently integrating and preparing collaborations with many more.

You can find our node hosting applications here.

In the meantime, Matic has been growing steadily and achieved significant attention across blockchain communities. They have successfully deployed their testnet Stage 0 and are about to launch the Counter Stake campaign Stage 1, where users can run a validator node on the testnet and earn rewards in MATIC tokens.

“We are thrilled to be working with our long-time partners Ankr on this use-case.” Said Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder and COO of Matic Network. “Two of our highest priorities with our staking mechanism are providing seamless Validator onboarding and ensuring the highest possible level of decentralization. Ankr’s one-click deployment makes it possible for non-techies to participate in our staking event as a Validator and their distributed infrastructure will ensure the utmost decentralization of our PoS Validator network.”

Host your Matic Network node on Ankr!

Today, we are very proud to present our one-click node hosting deployment solution for Matic testnet, just a few days before the next stage of the Matic staking campaign kicks off!

This next stage requires participants to either delegate their MATIC tokens to a Validator or to run a Matic Validator node themselves. For both parties, the staking rewards are basically the same, but Validators will charge a percentage from delegators to compensate for the costs of running the node.

Here is where Ankr comes in: as Matic Validator nodes obviously require a certain amount of cloud resources, these resources can be obtained in various ways. A common way is to spin up an instance on a public cloud provider such as Amazon AWS or DigitalOcean. However, setting up a node on these providers requires some technical knowledge and time to get familiar with the setup, and moreover these providers are usually very expensive.

Ankr is providing a solution for all users who want to host a node for Matic (as well as for many other blockchains) and set it up in minutes!

Our application provides the user with a couple of key benefits over public cloud providers and makes it possible for anyone to spin up a node without necessarily having any technical knowledge.

The Ankr one-click deployment application for Matic has the following advantages over public cloud providers:

  • With the Ankr one-click deployment application, it only takes 5 minutes to deploy your node. On any public cloud provider the configuration and deployment can take up to 5 hours, much of which will involve you manually setting it up.
  • When applying the specifications recommended by Matic in the Ankr application, the price of hosting your Matic node will be up to 65% cheaper with Ankr vs. public cloud providers such as DigitalOcean and Amazon AWS.
  • There is absolutely no technical knowledge required to set up a Matic node on the Ankr cloud, which makes it much easier to realize the goal of decentralizing the Matic network.
  • You can pay the costs for node hosting not only with credit card, but also with several cryptocurrencies, such as ANKR, USDT and in the future also MATIC tokens!
  • Ankr blockchain support specialists provide support 24/7 in all timezones around the globe.

And what’s even more interesting: we have a special offer for members of the Matic node hosting group in Discord. Please join this group and find our special offer which lets you host your first Matic node an Ankr for free!

Interested? You can find our node hosting offering for Matic on our App Store on the Ankr application here.

If you want to know how to host your Matic node on Ankr, please stay tuned for our next article, where we will provide a step-by-step tutorial.

If you have any further questions about this topic, you can also contact the admins in the Ankr Telegram chat.

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