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First of all, we want to wish you all a great 2020! In our last post we provided an overview of our journey in 2019, which in retrospect, has been a really fruitful year for Ankr. Besides numerous achievements on the business development and exchange listing front, major milestones included the launch of our mainnet and distributed cloud computing platform in July 2019.

The Ankr platform was launched with a couple of initial features which have since been expanded to form a full-service cloud computing platform with some real-life use-cases, connecting resource providers to end-users and generating revenues for our providers as well as for Ankr as a business.

In 2020 our primary focus lies on expanding these use-cases, with initial focus on our blockchain node hosting applications.

Blockchain node hosting as a service

With the integration of the first 20+ node hosting applications for high-profile public blockchains, we are tapping into the rapidly expanding market of blockchain node hosting as a service.

We have implemented a very straightforward and low barrier use case for blockchain node hosting, which provides many advantages to blockchain companies and their communities who want to develop dApps or contribute to the network of a chosen blockchain and earn token rewards in the process.

Ankr is working with many key blockchain projects regarding hosting their nodes on our distributed cloud. We have already onboarded many of them and have integrated node hosting solutions for companies such as Zilliqa, Matic and on the Ankr Cloud. We are in advanced discussions with many more high-profile blockchain companies to make node hosting as a service available for them and their customers.

We are now aiming to expand this business model and become one of the few blockchain-integrated companies to generate real revenue, by providing affordable and easy-to-use hosting services for blockchain products.

Blockchains already integrated on our platform

Our engineering team is working around the clock to integrate more blockchains with the Ankr cloud and create node hosting applications that can be managed without requiring significant technical knowledge, all from the Ankr App.

Some of the blockchains already integrated are:

Next to blockchain companies, we are also working together with some well-known cryptocurrency exchanges to integrate staking and node hosting solutions for various native blockchains on their platform.

Ankr platform UI

A use-case will only achieve adoption if it can be accessed in an easy and intuitive way. This is why we are continually improving the user experience of our cloud platform. We have been gathering lots of useful feedback from our users and testing team and are finishing the updated UI as we speak. We expect to launch it in the coming days.

Payment methods

At this time, users can pay for utilizing cloud resources with Ankr tokens. To remove any possible barriers for potential users, we are also implementing alternate payment methods, such as crypto payments in USDT and credit card payments via Stripe.

Resource plans

Next to the 16 available resource plans, which include compute enhanced, memory enhanced and storage enhanced, we will add an option to automatically select the recommended specifications for setting up a specific blockchain node. This way users will only pay for what they need.

Ankr website

Over the past weeks we have been actively building, testing and preparing the roll out of many new blockchain node hosting applications. This process has made us realize even more the potential of this major use case of our distributed cloud. In this phase of product development and adoption we do not underestimate the importance of representing this product through our official channels, starting with our official website.

Along with the new UI, we will release the next version of our website with significant emphasis on the node-hosting solutions.

Testing our applications

Currently we are in the testing phase with many new node hosting applications, which we will fully release over the coming weeks. You can expect co-marketing campaigns with many of the blockchain companies we are providing hosting solutions for.

Of course, we are curious about the experience of potential node hosts with our product. If you have ever hosted a blockchain node or are interested in doing so, we would like to invite you to test one or more of our applications. Any valuable feedback will be rewarded!

Our applications can be accessed here.

For more information on the testing, please get in touch with our admins on Telegram.

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