Waves Signer enables cross-platform dApp use

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The Waves ecosystem has made a major step forward, making all of its dApps cross-platform and mobile-friendly, thanks to new functionality provided by Waves Signer.

Waves Signer is a JavaScript library that facilitates access to the Waves blockchain from decentralized applications (dApps) and other services. This functionality opens new possibilities for users, including the ability to play blockchain games using a mobile browser.

Protocol and Providers

Developers can connect Waves Signer to their dApps and services to simplify key processes such as user authorization, signing transactions and sending them to the blockchain.

The library consists of two components. The Protocol component provides developers with a convenient API for signing and sending transactions.

The Provider component is responsible for user authorization, signing and sending transactions, as well as securely storing user data. A Provider enables connection to a user’s wallet on the Waves blockchain. One of the first Waves Signer Providers is Waves.Exchange — though the number of Providers is expected to increase over time, since the protocol enables the creation of custom Providers.

Mobile barriers

The launch of Waves Signer will make life easier for all users of dApps on the Waves blockchain, but specifically for those playing decentralized games.

The first game dApps on the Waves blockchain were launched around a year ago. However, users initially faced hurdles, since they had to install Waves Keeper — a browser extension that was, at the time, the only interface for transferring data to the blockchain.

Since dApp transactions are signed with private keys, users are unwilling to share that information with developers in a decentralized environment — unlike the login and password information that users typically share with companies that provide regular web services, such as Facebook and Google.

Meanwhile, the installation of Waves Keeper was viewed by users as an extra hurdle — and, more importantly, smartphone users were often unable to install browser extensions at all.

Waves Signer as a solution

Waves Signer has resolved this issue. Now, any user who has a secure account with a Provider — for instance, Waves.Exchange — can use their account for any dApp on the Waves platform, since Waves.Exchange offers an adaptive mobile version. Conversely, an account with a Waves dApp enables use of Waves.Exchange.

The best-known game on the Waves blockchain, Dice Roller, has already integrated Waves Signer.

How it works

Waves.Exchange Provider is a solution for enabling dApp operation on mobile devices.

Initially, the library checks that a website has been opened on a mobile device and suggests a link to follow. The link either downloads a mobile app or opens the web site in the browser.

In the latter case, the dApp can add its own JS code. It is therefore possible to communicate with the website from the Waves.Exchange app and add native confirmation forms on top of it.

If you are a developer, feel free to check out this guide, which explains how Waves Signer works and how you can gain access to all Waves.Exchange users!

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