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Dear MovieBloc community,

MovieBloc took over №1 crypto community service in Korea ‘Cobak’ in February. Cobak has the world’s leading mobile service that provides crypto wallet, community, real time ticker, news, airdrop, and token sale services. It has the highest number of users and wallets in the service and has introduced many popular projects through the token sales. Taking over Cobak will strengthen MovieBloc’s service operations, boost Cobak to become the most transparent and active crypto community, give massive exposure and visibility to Cobak around the world, and thus expand Cobak service into global cryto community service. In addition, it will contribute to KYC regulation compliance and also help to bring mass adoption of cryptocurrency with our service.

To achieve the goal for MovieBloc, MovieBloc will cooperate with Block72 after taking over ‘Cobak’. In order to do so, Block 72 Sinhae Lee will be joining as outside director. Block72, subsidiary company of GBIC, is a global consulting firm specializing in blockchain and distributed ledger technology and has a wide blockchain network. Block72’s own project STP will actively introduce their partner project & investment portfolio to Cobak, to deliver only the best projects to its supporters. MovieBloc look forward to see the synergy between MovieBloc and Block72 for Cobak’s growth.

Thank you,
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