Ontology is Joining the Torus Network to Establish Key Management Designed for Mainstream Users

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Ontology will be joining as one of the key ecosystem stakeholders in running a node on the Torus Network. Together with Binance, ENS, Etherscan and many other institutions, we will be running a validator node that operates Torus’s Distributed Key Generation, Proactive Secret Sharing and Key Assignment protocol.

Torus, the One-click Log-in Provider to the Web 3.0 Universe

Torus is a key management system that lets users log into dApps in a single step through their Google, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, or Twitch accounts. Users are also able to send tokens to Google account emails, Reddit usernames and Discord IDs regardless of whether the recipient has logged into Torus before.

On the backend, the keys are generated in a distributed manner via Distributed Key Generation, built on Shamir’s Secret Sharing, amongst the network of the selected node operators and reconstructed when successfully authenticated on integrity checked front-end javascript session, the key is erased once the tab is closed.

Mainstream Blockchain Adoption

Collectively, the Torus Network strives to establish a key management platform that will empower billions of people to leverage on the benefits of blockchain technology. With seamless onboarding processes that users are familiar with, Ontology is ready to help lower the barriers of entry for mainstream users to increase adoption within this space.

Ontology will be contributing to the increased layers of security and trust for both users and that of Torus. Ontology and Torus have pledged to maintain optimal operational uptime of our node and to uphold the integrity of the network.

Focus on Identity

With our goal to grant users control over their data and identity through our decentralised framework, Ontology’s collaboration with Torus log-ins is a step towards that actualization. The harmonious integration of existing social log-ins sets the groundwork for building a system of trust and reputability that is still valued in our ecosystem.

Alongside our suite of frameworks and protocols that developers can utilize to build the “last mile” for their blockchain applications, our collaboration with Torus is aligned with our goals. We endeavour to build up the infrastructure of the decentralised ecosystem to improve the usability and application of the technology for a greater magnitude of users.

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