Fantom Wallet Update.

Fantom | 02.13| 157

By Michael Chen

Hey Fantomians, we’re incredibly excited to share that we’re making updates to the Fantom wallet to make it easier to use for users across the globe. In the coming weeks and months, Fantom will be working to make the wallet easier to use and to prepare it for additional functionality which includes compatibility for a brand new DeFi stack, tailored for the Opera Mainnet, and localization into multiple languages such as Korean and Chinese.

What’s the timeline on these updates?
The DeFi stack is currently being built and tested internally, and more details about it will be released as we come closer to the launch of it. As for the localizations in Korean and Chinese, the wait is over. We’ve deployed the Korean and Chinese wallet, website, and explorer localizations as we speak. That means that our community members in Chinese and Korean speaking regions will now have increased clarity and oversight when utilizing the native Opera mainnet wallet. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, as Fantom will be looking to add support for other languages as well in the near future. We’re currently working on the Vietnamese versions, but we’re keen to hear from the community as to which language YOU would like to see support for.

Let us know on Reddit or Twitter, and we look forward to hearing your feedback about the improved wallet!

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