Shareable Asset Launch

Blue Whale | 02.12| 146

Direct Ownership of Global Assets for Everyone, Anywhere

Dear Blue Whale Fan-mily,

Blue Whale Global is happy to officially announce the launch of Shareable Asset, an asset tokenization platform where investors can easily, safely and transparently invest in asset-backed security tokens and use the platform to manage their portfolios.

Shareable Asset will offer a breakthrough in the global real estate market scene by allowing owning global and fractional real estate made simple through tokenization.

Through Shareable Asset, good returns and attractive investment of the few are now available to all.

As an asset tokenization platform leader specialized in real estate, Shareable Asset will offer optimized value for investors, asset owners, and partners.


  • Access to quality investments previously available only to selective investors
  • Simple direct fractional ownership
  • Secure global portfolio for fixed income products

Asset Owners

  • Efficient and cost-effective fundraising platform
  • Partial asset divestment to maintain capital appreciation opportunity


  • Early mover advantage in security token industry
  • Regulated digitized securities issuance
  • To incorporate blockchain into operations

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Shareable Asset Insights

Shareable Asset Insight (

It offers top priorities of knowledge expertise from the investment to fintech as well as real estate market trends to watch.

Thank you very much for supporting us! We appreciate your confidence in us and look forward to sharing our success with you.

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