Product Update: EZ Reward Launch Campaign

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Play your favourite game and win rewards! In commemoration of the Galaxy Note10 launch, stand a chance to win rewards (worth up to KRW 15 million), including Samsung Galaxy Note10 phones!

Dear Blue Whale Fan-mily,

Blue Whale Global is excited to officially initiate the exclusive launch campaign of EZ Reward, a reward-based game evaluation application for the Samsung Galaxy Apps platform. (Please download the application here.)

In celebration of the simultaneous launch of the Galaxy Note10, this campaign will be exclusive for all Galaxy device users who download the app from the Galaxy store. Users will be required to download and utilise EZ Reward for a period of four weeks, starting from 22 August 2019, to validate their participation in the campaign.

Participants will stand a chance to win up to 20 BWX for daily game evaluations done in the application. Other rewards include Starbucks gift vouchers (worth KRW 30,000) presented weekly to the top 20 reviewers, and Samsung Galaxy Note10 phones and Samsung Galaxy Buds awarded to the top 30 overall reviewers in the course of the event period. The total reward available to participants will be worth KRW 15 million.

Based on the concept of “play games and earn rewards”, EZ Reward will be at the forefront of a reward-based mobile app technology revolution, which not only enriches the gaming experience by enabling mobile gamers to earn rewards during game play, but also develops an open and transparent network for the global mobile game ecosystem.

Rewards will be automatically distributed to users who engage in game play on a Samsung Galaxy device and post a game evaluation via ratings. Users can then check the game ranking of top ratings and downloads within the application itself. All games, including indie games, will be evaluated fairly based on an algorithm of user satisfaction and recommendation, which will, in turn, provide significant data value to both users and game companies.

EZ Reward will also introduce easier and more efficient digital asset transactions and a blockchain-based marketplace platform focusing on game assets, game distribution systems, community building and other services. This will not only establish unique channels of exposure and communication for the global game ecosystem, but it will also improve the ease of accessibility to blockchain technologies for the mass public.

As one of the market leaders of the blockchain industry in South Korea, Blue Whale Global has recently completed the successful beta testing of a native digital wallet application, which connected an online community of buyers and users to a network of offline sellers and business partners. Blue Whale Global also launched a global asset-sharing ecosystem, Shareable Asset, which aims to provide crowdfunding and tokenization services for the fractional ownership of tangible assets via blockchain technology.

Thank you so much for supporting our project! We appreciate your confidence in us and we look forward to share our success with you.

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