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With Sai Reddy, Director of Shareable Asset

Dear Blue Whale Fan-mily,

In lieu of our official launch of Shareable Asset, we would like to introduce our Director who has been working behind the scenes for the past nine months to shape the business vision of Shareable Asset and develop key growth strategies and plans.

Blue Whale sits down and catches up with him.

Sai Reddy, director of Shareable Asset

Sai Reddy has amassed a breadth of experience in fields ranging from programming, product growth, business development and strategy throughout his career.

He began his entrepreneurial journey as the co-founder of CashTrack, a personal finance management application. Reddy handled all marketing and product development activities where he set up customer-focused frameworks, built avenues for monetization and successfully onboarded multiple partners.

Prior to that, he has also led teams and projects in the tech and business development departments in major multinational corporations (MNCs) like Dairy Farm International Holdings, Cognizant, and SmartAnalyst. Reddy is also an active participant in the tech-focused startup scene and has worked as an advisor and technology evangelist for various blockchain-based startups like Harmony Protocol and Centareum. At present, he is one of the global ambassadors for Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurship program Draper University and volunteers regularly as a speaker and a mentor for digital accelerator Global Startup Ecosystem and Nanyang Technopreneurship Center.

1. Can you give us a brief rundown on what your role at Shareable Asset entails?

Reddy: Shareable Asset is a startup with a big vision to build a global, peer-to-peer, asset-backed tokenization and crowdfunding platform. Leading such a vision requires rigorous planning and strong execution.

As a director at Shareable Asset, I am involved in end-to-end activities from building long-term strategies for business growth; forging partnerships; coordinating legal and governmental bodies for licensing and regulation; and marketing our fundraising efforts. At the moment, we are growing our team so I have been focusing more on planning and executing long-term strategies to acquire global users and deals with greater returns and promoting overall business growth through partnerships.

2. Having worked at both large MNCs and startups, what are some key takeaways you’ve gained and how has that contributed to your experience heading Shareable Asset’s business development?

Reddy: Both MNCs and startups have their own advantages and limitations. I find that while MNCs have resources, capital and market presence to constantly build products which disrupt their respective markets, they are also constrained by hierarchy, fixed processes and the need for stability. On the other hand, startups provide greater flexibility to take big leaps of change.

But for any MNC or startup to be successful, I have observed that two common factors are very essential and those are to have a clear vision and a good team. This has led me to make constant efforts to build up a great team who is motivated to work towards a common vision from day one.

3. Asset tokenization is an emerging industry in Singapore and Shareable Asset will be among the first batch of companies to spearhead this market. How does Shareable Asset set itself apart from current and future competitors?

Reddy: While asset tokenization has been gaining traction in recent days, each corporate entity has their own specific focus. With Shareable Asset, we are specialised in real estate-backed tokens. The global real estate market stands tall today with a USD $300 trillion valuation, which is much bigger than most financial instruments and almost three and a half times the global GDP. Thus, there is definitely enough room for multiple players.

However, at Shareable Asset, we are bounded by principles and strive to offer services of greater quality. By focusing on our customers as our top priority, we will always ensure that our customers are assured a certain standard of trust, opportunity and transparency and that our platform will feature projects with great returns and quality for users from all around the world.

4. As a global asset-sharing platform, Shareable Asset taps on the peer-to-peer sharing economy model. What do you think will be some of the biggest developments for the sharing economy in the coming years? And where will asset tokenization stand in this progressive arc?

Reddy: Peer-to-peer trades and exchanges have been a way of life for thousands of years but were simply not termed as such until recent times. With the advent of the Internet and revitalised globalisation, there were a lot of different industries which struggled to establish trust between peers and the answer to that problem came in the form of intermediaries like platforms, regulators and institutions (e.g. banks) to bridge that trust. However, over time, establishing that trust through those entities has become overly complicated and expensive and this has consequently led to the rebirth of these peer-to-peer ecosystems once again. And in this era of technological developments such as blockchain and AI, we begin to see the domination of these inexpensive and global peer-to-peer ecosystems across every industry.

However, real estate is a very traditional industry. And so despite being one of the biggest industries with a USD $300 trillion-dollar market cap, the real estate market still faces limitations in fundraising opportunities. To date, it is challenging for a regular investor to own a piece of property in a country of his or her choice. The penetration of peer-to-peer ecosystems in real estate has also been insignificant, given the complexity and challenges of establishing the trust between stakeholders in the industry. However, Shareable Asset hopes to revolutionise that and build a peer-to-peer ecosystem for the real estate industry that is not only bigger and more stable than most other ecosystems around the globe, but is also transparent, secure and reliable.

5. What is the vision for Shareable Asset that you hope to accomplish under your leadership?

Reddy: I am always on the lookout to find good investment opportunities with higher returns. However, most of these opportunities impose limitations on individuals, either in the form of capital requirements or regional restrictions. But these should not be restricting factors – every individual deserves the right to good returns and global access to investments and ownership regardless of their investing power or locale. At Shareable Asset, we are building everyone a future of accessible investment opportunities with transparency, compliance and simplicity at a fractional cost.

Thank you so much for supporting our project! We appreciate your confidence in us and we look forward to share our success with you.

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