Product Update: Launch of App, EZ Reward

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Dear Blue Whale Fan-mily,

Blue Whale Global is happy to officially announce the launch of our exclusive decentralised application (DApp) facilitating reward-based game evaluation, tentatively titled EZ Reward.

Samsung Galaxy users can currently download EZ Reward at the Samsung Galaxy Apps store in South Korea. Users can look forward to the upcoming launch of EZ Reward at the Google Play store.

Sample picture of game evaluation application

The application will allow users to earn rewards in the form of Blue Whale Global’s native token, BWX, via various participatory activities including game downloads, play time, recommendations and reviews. Users will be able to earn BWX by participating in fun game evaluations and giving direct feedback to game developers through the blockchain-based application.

The pilot run of EZ Reward also seeks to develop an open and transparent network for the global indie game ecosystem. With the expansion of open user participation and a decentralised reward distribution according to the growth potential of these games, game developers are granted fairer opportunities to grow and flourish within the industry.

Future application updates will also introduce easier and more efficient digital asset transactions and a blockchain-based marketplace platform focusing on game assets, game distribution systems, community building and other services. This will not only establish unique channels of exposure and communication for the global game ecosystem, but it will also improve the ease of accessibility to blockchain technologies for the mass public.

Blue Whale Global will be in charge of leading this innovative collaboration between the blockchain industry and the gaming industry through the development of the required infrastructure with blockchain technology to facilitate application functions. This includes a blockchain-based network system for token rewards, contributions, distributions and transactions; enhanced gameplay interactivity for existing games; and the reformation of a user-driven game ecosystem.

As one of the market leaders of the blockchain industry in South Korea, Blue Whale Global has recently completed the successful beta testing of a native digital wallet application, which connected an online community of buyers and users to a network of offline sellers and business partners. Blue Whale Global also launched a global asset-sharing ecosystem, Shareable Asset, which aims to provide crowdfunding and tokenization services for the fractional ownership of tangible assets via blockchain technology.

Thank you so much for supporting our project! We appreciate your confidence in us and we look forward to share our success with you.

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