Building BWN: Blue Whale X Rotary International

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Blue Whale Global and Rotary International signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the establishment of iHUB, a blockchain-enabled smart space for the development of the creative community and the inauguration of philanthropic initiatives.

Located at the heart of a global smart city at Songdo, South Korea, iHUB will function as an innovation hub which facilitates the synergy of online and offline outreach and management for the creative community. Freelancers and creatives will also be able to access and participate in various dedicated programmes which would assist to increase their exposure and expand their networks.

iHUB will also be utilised as the main locale for the collaborative inauguration of philanthropic initiatives. Key action plans range from social incubation programs and workshops for youths, public outreach and social solutions with local communities, and thought leadership talks and panel discussions for key opinion leaders.

Blue Whale Global will be in charge of developing the digital and physical infrastructure of iHUB, which will see the integration of a native online platform providing marketing and customer relationship management systems with a multi-functional, shared space building. Blue Whale Global will also actively cooperate with Rotary International to co-host tailored events for target demographic groups and connect with both local and international institutional bodies for potential engagement and partnerships.

“Through this partnership with iHUB, we hope to be able to initiate different stakeholders including schools, corporations and citizens, on philanthropic initiatives in this new age where assets and talents can be easily shared,” said an official representative from the Rotary International.

“This collaboration gives us an opportunity to discover promising small and medium businesses in the social sector of South Korea and act as a springboard for these enterprises to advance in a global field,” said Mr. Will Lee, CEO of Blue Whale Global.

From left to right: Mr. Will Lee (CEO of Blue Whale), Mr. David Chang Saeho (Governor of Rotary International District 3650), Mr. Subu Park (Succeeding Governor of Rotary International District 3650)

Blue Whale Global also embarked on a partnership with Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority (IFEZ) to develop iHUB into a blockchain-based research and development hub at Songdo City, South Korea. The collaboration will include the development of an online-offline network platform which would facilitate digital services including rental of shared buildings, content production, and fractional distribution of ownership.

iHUB is one of the core projects of Blue Whale Global and is poised to develop into a citizen-centered smart city with a collaborative consortium of companies and organisations across various industries such as finance, electronics and construction. As a scalable smart space platform, iHUB enables the liquidation of tangible assets through blockchain-based asset tokenization, providing an online-to-offline platform system that maximises the efficiency of asset trading and ownership transfer for users.

Thank you so much for supporting our project! We appreciate your confidence in us and we look forward to share our success with you.

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