The Farewell Party for MRT has Ended!

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MRT’s Farewell Party has ended. It’s time to publish the results and find out what happened!

From December 2 to February 4, Waves held a sixty-day competition for MRT holders. The party consisted of two blockchain-based games — the FOMO game and two lottery rounds.

The competition was launched to mark the beginning of a new phase in the decentralization of the Waves blockchain. Thanks to Waves’ monetary policy, a centralized solution for rewarding miners is no longer needed.

Overall, 35% of total MRT token supply was burned. You can see how many MRT were collected and burned at each stage of the party in the chart below.


  • Tickets purchased: 26,843
  • MRT burned: 2,685,300

During the first and second rounds of the MRT Farewell Party lottery, 44 prizes totaling 40,000 WAVES were drawn. You can view the burn transactions here:

FOMO game

  • Tickets purchased: 15,926
  • MRT burned: 777,013

The FOMO game consisted of sixty daily rounds, with 500 WAVES prize for each one. Overall, 30,000 WAVES were distributed to the winners. The burn transaction link will appear here in a month due to the FOMO game script that doesn’t allow to do anything with the tokens until 43200 blocks pass after the end of the last game.

Best solution

We’d particularly like to mention the player who created the ‘New hope’ bot, which won 35 times in the FOMO game. What a fantastic result!

The bot was created using the Python programming language and the PyWaves library. You can see the source code here.

Two players have not claimed their prizes. The addresses of their wallets are as follows:

  • 3PAXe3rr7Q93mwq5TNzwzheRxd56Z24SqnE
  • 3P44ckBqTBUB5uiyNaHWHFfbMXopL9XSkJv

Please authorize via Waves Keeper and withdraw your WAVES from the website before February 13.

We’ve distributed a total of 70,000 WAVES to the winners! Why not use these prize WAVES to set up a full node or lease them to another node? You can vote to change the block reward, use our tools to create new DeFi applications and other decentralized solutions or interact with existing ones such as staking on Waves.Exchange. Step into a new phase of Waves’ ecosystem development!

We want to thank all the participants for joining the competition. We hope you enjoyed it!

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