Double Doppler 4.1.6978 — Release notes

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Double Doppler 4.1.6978 — Release notes

Release date: December 19th, 2019


  • This release introduces significant usability improvements for Atomic Swaps for BTC, LTC, and QTUM
  • Release notes


  • [desktop wallet] Connecting to random electrum node (for BTC, LTC, and QTUM) is supported, now you can start playing with Atomic Swaps in a nearly-seamless way
  • [desktop wallet] One step closer to business users: transaction history can be exported to a nice CSV for accounting and bookkeeping


  • [desktop wallet] Estimated transaction fee is displayed for the BTC/LTC/QTUM receiving side
  • [desktop wallet] Node connection indicator (for BTC, LTC, and QTUM) provides detailed information on connectivity issues
  • [desktop wallet] The wallet will display a lock icon near “online” status when the connected node is trusted (ie set up with the wallet’s owner key)
  • [desktop wallet] Reworked filters on Atomic Swap screen: you’ll click less to get any desired slice of information
  • [desktop wallet] Owner key is securely shown in settings
  • [desktop wallet] Transaction status messages became more informative in some cases, so you’ll know what is going on and what to expect for the next step
  • [desktop wallet] Settings screen looks nicer
  • [desktop wallet] Atomic swap offers expiration times became much shorter to align with the general market dynamics


  • [desktop wallet] A graceful error message is returned now when a user tries to connect to an Electrum wallet with Segwit seed phrase
  • [cli wallet] Regular and swap transaction statuses are displayed correctly
  • [desktop wallet] The wallet starts much faster now thanks to more effective node database processing
  • [desktop wallet] Exchange rate is always displayed as BEAM to BTC, LTC, QTUM for Atomic Swaps
  • [desktop wallet] If the Electrum node is disconnected during active transactions, the alternative node address can be submitted in Settings

Over 70 tasks accomplished in total, for more details please see here

Points to mention

  • In case a mobile wallet is connected to a random node and the user has both mobile and desktop wallets that are using the same seed phrase, the funds sent to the desktop wallet won’t appear on the mobile wallet. If the desktop wallet is running a local node, it will see funds sent to both wallets. The reason is that the local node (integrated into the desktop wallet) always monitors the blockchain for UTXOs related to the seed of the wallet. The mobile wallet does not run a local node and thus can only monitor transactions sent to its specific SBBS addresses. Of course, no funds will be lost in any event

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