Clear Cathode 3.1, iOS — Release Notes

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Clear Cathode 3.1, iOS — Release Notes

Release Date: October 29th, 2019


Supported Platforms

  • All devices running iOS 11.0 and higher


  • When a crash occurs we’ll ask politely to submit the technical details, that will allow us to investigate the issue and improve app’s stability
  • Transactions screen was introduced to present the extended transactions info


  • Loading bar works smoother and is a bit more informative
  • Payment proof screen, settings screens, transaction details screen, tag edit screen, main menu, transaction statuses and icons updated to match the new design
  • Show owner key flow became more informative
  • Transaction actions can be triggered through haptic touch / 3d touch


  • Many fixes of typos, explanatory messages, elements placements, colors — all to make the app more eye-pleasing and more intuitive to use.

Known limitations

  • When restoring your funds in automatic mode, verify that your most recent transaction (from any device) was completed at least 1 hour ago. Otherwise, your restored balance may be incorrect and additional restore procedure will be required.
  • When restoring your funds with your specific node, verify that the node is fully synchronized with the blockchain before starting the restore procedure. Otherwise, your restored balance may be incorrect and additional restore procedure will be required.

Points to mention

  • DO NOT SIMULTANEOUSLY RUN TWO WALLETS INITIATED FROM THE SAME SEED PHRASE. No funds will be lost in any case, please read this article for full details.
  • If you really want to run two wallets (read: geek mode), initiated from the same seed phrase, make sure each wallet is connected to the node configured with the owner key (which is derived from the seed phrase).
  • Even if two wallets are connected with such a node which is properly configured with the owner key, the transaction history will not be syncronized among them (each wallet will see the correct balance but only its own transaction history).

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