A letter to the community by our new team member, Simone Pomposi.

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We recently hired one of our community members, Simone Pomposi, to be a part of our marketing and communications team. We previously elaborated on the foundation’s thought process behind the new hires and what they bring to the table, now we let them speak.

Hi Fantom.

I have been following Fantom since its birth. Mostly thanks to the focused and transparent team, a special group of people gathered around it.

Fantom has one of the most united and passionate communities in the crypto world.

Together we have witnessed the evolution of an idea, like a statue slowly taking form out of a piece of clay. Amorphous at first and then more and more refined, that idea led to the release of XAR first and Opera a few days ago, both based on Fantom’s revolutionary technology.

Blockchain is evolving; the space is maturing.

Having been in the space for a while, I’ve seen them all: legitimate creations shine, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum; a few ideas that were good but were too early; many others that were not good and used the “blockchain” buzzword to ride the wave all the way down to the unavoidable scams.

Now the times are different. People are wiser, and they expect results and tangible goals because they — we — believe that blockchain is not a fad. Blockchain is here to stay.

For the first time in history, we can own unique digital assets. Assets that cannot be copied or duplicated but only transferred.

In a world that is becoming more and more digital, the use of native digital assets is the next logical step.

Think about the world in 2100.

Will people that year use non-digital currencies? I don’t think so. And that revolution must have started at some point. Maybe in 2050, maybe in 2030, maybe it’s already started.

It’s truly fascinating to see the flow of human capital in this nascent “industry.” We are here because we are passionate; we are here because we believe in a better future.

Sure, “better future” — you say — it’s being thrown around a lot. Yet, I could not find more suited words.

When I look at this crazy “crypto world” as a whole, that’s when a smile shows up on my face.

There’s an underlying unity that transcends tribalism; we’re all moving in the same direction.

We are laying the foundations for a new internet, the internet of assets. And Fantom is providing the engine for it; with its modular and open approach, the possibilities are endless.

At Fantom, we are dreamers, just like you. We do not settle down.

We will keep on building to improve everyone’s life.

To conclude, I’d like to quote an Apple ad from 1984: “A funny thing happens when you design a computer everyone can use. Everyone uses it.”

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