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Under the vision of ‘Building Blockchain for Billions’, we at TTC Foundation are dedicating our time and resources to make the real-life use cases and mass-scale blockchain ecosystem.

Looking back 2019…

Here are few articles you can read to learn what we did in 2019.

Our goals for 1H 2020 💪

We have set three major goals for 1H 2020: (1) official launch of Acorn Protocol, (2) expansion of TTC ecosystem and (3) improvements on stability and sustainability of the infrastructure.

We start this journey with stretchy goals to challenge ourselves and humble spirit to try and learn from mistakes.

1. Official Launch of Acorn Protocol

  • Adding more Acorn Alliance DAPPs: More social networks will be added to the Acorn Protocol
  • Launching OBT of the Acorn AD Network: The advertisers can run the ads using ACN and can track and calculate the efficiency with full transparency thru blockchain

After the official launch, Acorn Protocol will distribute the rewards to multiple DAPPs and provide more efficient advertisement networks on blockchain.

2. Expansion of TTC Ecosystem

  • More users: Starting with the Acorn Box, we will launch more user-friendly and easy-to-use services to lower the entry barrier for everyone.
  • More developers: We will provide the tech docs and dev tool kit thru soon-to-open Developer Center. It will enable more people to develop and deploy services on TTC blockchain.
  • More utility (for TST-20 tokens): We are developing partnerships with exchanges, DeFi players and traditional finance services to add more options on how the TST-20 tokens (e.g. CLAY, ACN. CFIAT) can be used in daily lives.

TTC ecosystem grows with developers, their services and products and their users. We are trying relentlessly to welcome more contributors into the TTC ecosystem.

3. Improvements on Stability and Sustainability (of the infrastructure)

  • Adjustment of the mining rewards: In commemoration of its 1st anniversary, TTC mainnet will go thru its health check, focused on the token economy for the long term sustainability.
  • Improvements on the slave chains and adjustment of the mining rewards: With the official launch of the Acorn Protocol, we will improve the performance of slave chains to ensure the stable operation of the TTC mainnet with mass traffic. At the same time, we will adjust the rate of mining rewards between master and slave chains.
  • Improvements on TTC blockchain infra.: We are preparing a service update on the infrastructure of TTC blockchain, such as Virtual Machine, in order to increase the stability, scalability and performance.

We will continue to improve the governance and infra of the TTC mainnet to build and maintain a sustainable ecosystem.

In past months, we launched a full scale DPoS main network, the open beta test version of two full size layer-2 protocol (Acorn Protocol and Tigris Protocol), two full size wallets (TTC Connect and Acorn Box). We learned many valuable and priceless lessons and they helped us to set ambitious goals to build blockchain for billions.

We are thrilled to see the amazing achievements we will make together in 2020. Thank you for your support and contributions.

 — TTC Foundation

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