Introducing Acorn Box, a ACN Wallet Built for Everyone

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Download now to connect DAPPs and receive the daily rewards

Happy new year! 🌞 We are very excited to introduce the Acorn Box, as the first announcement of the year.

🤔 What is ‘Acorn Box’?

Acorn Box is a mobile wallet app designed exclusively for ACN. It has the 3 key features as following:

  • Built for Everyone: Acorn Box is one of the easiest-to-use decentralized crypto wallet apps ever. Forget the mnemonic words. Never mind the private key. Anyone can have their own ACN account in 20 seconds, ready to earn and manage!
  • Manageable by Anyone: With Acorn Box, anyone can manage ACN assets, anywhere, anytime. Send and receive ACN with QR code. Pay with ACN from your device.
  • DAPP Store: You can find numerous social, game and finance DAPPs in Acorn Box. The best part? You can connect your favorite Acorn Alliance DAPPs and earn daily rewards, everyday!

Download Now! 👉

Acorn Box offers not only the Acorn Alliance DAPPs, but also numerous game and finance services you can use with ACN. Stay tuned for the following DAPPs to be launched!

  • Acorn Alliances: tata, Alive, Pikicast, SocDoc, Womanstalk, Cobak
  • Game: Flappy Bird, Shining Run

🤔 Is Acorn Box really safe?


When we first sat down to discuss the blueprint of the Acorn Box, one of the key questions was about the custody — who holds the assets? We see many advantages of centralized custody (meaning your asset would be sent to us and we would take care of it) when it came to UX improvements, however we decided to keep it decentralized in order to maximize the core benefit of the blockchain; your asset belongs to you.

🤔 Why did the TTC Foundation launch the Acorn Box, when there already is TTC Connect?

While TTC Connect and Acorn Box are both wallets, they are designed to serve different key purposes.

TTC Connect: You can access the services and features related to the governance and operation of the blockchain mainnet. We kept it as open and accessible as possible. However you need a certain level of knowledge on blockchain to fully utilize it.

Acorn Box: We designed it in a way that anyone can easily enjoy the service built on blockchain. If you just learned about TTC and its DAPPs, we recommend you to start your journey with Acorn Box.

Of course, tow wallets are complementary to each other, covering different aspects of features. If you are already using TTC Connect, simply download Acorn Box as a DAPP and connect it for full utility.

Starting with the launch of the Acorn Box, we will kickstart the year of 2020 toward the the vision of ‘Blockchain for Billions’. Stay tuned by following the official Twitter and Telegram of Acorn Protocol.

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About Acorn Protocol
Acorn Protocol is a blockchain protocol for social networks to seamlessly implement a rewarding system for its user participation. We work to disrupt the unjust value distribution of centralized social networks
About TTC
TTC is a blockchain fit for mass adoption and a sustainable token economy model. For details, visit our website.To receive the latest news on TTC, join our Telegram and follow us on twitter.

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