“MovieBloc Official Service Launch” on December 30th 2019.

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Hello MovieBloc community,

MovieBloc Official Service will be launched on December 30th 2019. Filmmakers are now able to share their films worldwide through MovieBloc Official Service by self-uploading their films.

[About Official Service Launch]

Filmmakers and film production companies will have the opportunity to advertise their films worldwide, get transparent revenue share, audience data, and equal screening opportunity; the viewers will be able to access quality films including award-winning films in the film festivals. In addition, MovieBloc seeks to create an ecosystem with all film distribution participants (translator, curators, reviewers, etc.), instead of becoming a simple content platform with content providers and consumers. Thus, viewers can be rewarded by taking the role of translator, reviewers, and so on.

Payment system on the MovieBloc platform will be safe, fast, and transparent based on blockchain smart contract.

In the long-term, MovieBloc will create the biggest and most participant-centric film ecosystem by (1) popularizing its indie films and short films with its marketing strategies and its ambassadors program, (2) focusing on user expansion through our partner platforms such as KMPlayer, Contentos, and Ontology (3) expanding industry business through the industry partnerships (4) localizing service by making subtitles with many languages (5) and lastly, working on global expansion through the listing on several global exchanges.


MovieBloc is looking for talented filmmakers who can share their films on our official service. We acknowledge that it’s critical to have many talented and creative filmmakers so that it makes our ecosystem more active flourished.

In order to do so, MovieBloc partnered with DMZ International Documentary Film Festival and Hankyoreh Education, providing individual filmmakers with monetization, foreign language subtitles, and self-promotion opportunities by showcasing their quality films on our service.

By launching MovieBloc official service, we are starting our first step in creating a digital movie ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Please stay tuned for more updates and new films showing next!

Thank you for your support,

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