KARMA’s Live — Special Thanks to EOS Sweden, dfuse and more

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KARMA’s Live — Special Thanks to EOS Sw/eden, dfuse and more

KARMA’s movement from EOS (mainnet) to WAX (mainnet) is now complete. The transition was seamless and all in-app transactions are now happening on the WAX blockchain. If you haven’t yet, make sure you update your iOS or Android app to the newest version of KARMA. If you held KARMA in an EOS account outside of the KARMA app, then you can just use the same active private key and import your WAX account using KARMA or a wallet like Lynx.

Special Thanks to dfuse & EOS Sw/eden

The team behind EOS Sw/eden aided the move from the EOS mainnet to the WAX mainnet by collaborating with KARMA.

An overwhelming amount of the API requests are constantly being sent to EOS Sw/eden’s servers mainly for querying data from the blockchain. They separate these requests to different nodeos instances partly to ensure that incoming transactions would not be over billed by the API-nodes or the peering nodes on their way to the producer’s queues. EOS Sw/eden pulled up one extra nodeos instance on the EOS-side, and one on the WAX-side to help handle an increased load of incoming transactions.

From the start, we have been using the powerful and intuitive APIs of dfuse to power KARMA. dfuse allowed us to port from the EOS mainnet to the WAX mainnet, almost instantly, without the need to refactor our backend, as they offer the same tooling for both chains. With that, KARMA only had to change the dfuse endpoints that it was calling, making the transition almost plug-and-play from the standpoint of reading and writing to the blockchain. The team at dfuse also offered exceptional support from the early days of the dapp to the transition to WAX — which is not often seen in the blockchain space!

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