MXC Announcement on MBL Upgrade to Mainnet Token

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Dear MovieBloc community,

Since MBL (ERC20) token will be upgraded to MBL mainnet token, MXC will suspends MBL deposit and withdrawal at 20:00 (UTC+8), December 18. Its trading during the upgrade period is still available.

When the upgrade completes, all MBL (ERC20) token on MXC Platform will be transformed to MBL mainnet token.

Users who want to transform MBL into the mainnet token shall deposit it on MXC Trading Platform as soon as possible where the transformation will be made automatically without other operations.


If you insert wrong address during deposit or withdrawal, the transaction will be cancelled or MBL will be lost. Fee and time will be incurred in order to restore MBL, which may not be restorable in certain cases. When you make deposit or withdrawal, please check your address again before making a deposit or withdrawal.

Thank you,

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