CEO of MovieBloc gave a speech at Alibaba Cloud Forum 2019

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The CEO of MovieBloc gave a speech at Alibaba Cloud Forum 2019

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Chris Kang, the CEO of MovieBloc, spoke at the Alibaba Cloud Forum 2019 held in Seoul yesterday.

He delivered a speech introducing online streaming service, MovieBloc, and its partners, including Ontology, Hexlant, Korea Independent Producer Association and etc., in the session titled “Foreign Market Entry Strategy for Korean Content through MovieBloc with its blockchain technology”

Alibaba Cloud Forum 2019

The Alibaba Cloud Korea Forum was attended by more than 300 representatives from various industries, including distribution, e-commerce, entertainment, fintech and so on. Alibaba announced plans to support domestic companies’ digital transformation and overseas expansion through its cloud computing technology.

“Korea is a strategically important market for Alibaba Cloud, we will continue to make efforts to become a stable foundation for Korean companies with outstanding technical skills to demonstrate their capabilities beyond the domestic market” said Rio Liu Alibaba Cloud, general manager of Korea, Hong Kong and Macau.

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