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Dear MovieBloc community,

We are happy to announce that MovieBloc tokens will be converted from ERC20 to OEP4. As MovieBloc onboards Ontology Mainnet, MBL token also needs to be swapped to OEP4 which has the same technical standards as the Ontology mainnet.

This is a list of exchanges officially negotiated the OEP4 token swap with MovieBloc as of December 11, 2019. Additional exchange token swap are under discussion and will be notified as soon as the discussion with the exchange is confirmed.

Please note that token swaps on the other exchanges and agencies are not negotiated yet. Schedule may change due to exchange conditions. Please stay tuned!

1. Glossary

  • ERC20: A common technical standard used for tokens based on Ethereum
  • OEP4: Token that is compatible with Ontology mainnet
  • MBL: Crypto-currency used within MovieBloc ecosystem

2. Swap Details

  • Swap currently ERC20 MBL to OEP4 MBL
  • Swap ratio will be 1:1
  • Token name, ticker (MBL), and logo do not change

3. Swap Timeline

  • Primary swap :, MXC, Indodax (Dec 18th, Wed)

4. Note

  • Once swap to OEP4 is complete for a specific exchange or wallet, ERC20 MBL cannot be deposited to or withdrawn from that exchange or wallet.
  • If you insert wrong address during deposit or withdrawal, MBL will be lost. When you make deposit or withdrawal, please check your address again before making a deposit or withdrawal.

Thank you,

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