Challenges for Odyssey Hackathon 2020 announced!

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The upcoming Odyssey Hackathon 2020 will be held on 3–5 April in Groningen, Netherlands. As an ecosystem member, Waves hopes to offer the right building blocks to help participants solve as much of the challenges as possible. Discover all the challenges and get ready for the world’s biggest blockchain & AI hackathon!

Since 2016, Odyssey participants have tackled 21st-century challenges using technologies such as blockchain, AI, Big Data and robotics. Overall, more than 230 prototypes have emerged from the hackathon.

All teams participating in Odyssey Hackathon 2020 will be provided with access to ecosystems related to their challenge for further prototype development and pilot launch after the event. All 2,000 participants will also receive part of the €200,000 total cash rewards.

The hackathon is optimized for startups, established teams, scale-ups, SMEs, corporate teams, as well as community and student teams who want to work on one of the challenges outlined.

In late October, we announced that Waves was joining the Odyssey ecosystem. We therefore hope to see more Waves-based solutions presented by hackathon participants for a broad range of industries, from cybersecurity and critical infrastructure to environment and energy.

In April 2019, the Tradisys team won the hackathon’s Rethink Retirement track. Tradisys came up with a solution for a Dutch pension fund based on the Waves Platform open protocol.

20 challenges to shape the 21st century

The Odyssey challenges address complex multi-stakeholder issues that cannot be solved by one company, government, or industry. Teams will be able to leave their mark on a range of industries, from healthcare and energy transition to public safety and security.

The challenges are provided by various companies, state institutions, and non-profit organizations, including the International Council for Conservation of Nature, KLM Cargo and the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

You can explore all the challenges here.

Waves will reveal its potential building blocks to help solve the challenges at Odyssey Connect, which will be held on 4–5 February 2020.

Odyssey Connect

To help participating teams successfully tackle the challenges there will be a two-day knowledge exchange event in The Hague, Netherlands. Here, prospective teams can meet the challenge leaders, find out more about the challenges directly from them and get a headstart in hackathon preparation. You will also be able to network with other participating teams.

The Waves team will attend the event and announce its building blocks — the technology stack participants of the hackathon can use — and the challenges that can be addressed using them. We’ll provide any support needed both during Odyssey Connect and with our team of Jedi during the hackathon itself.

You can apply to participate here. The event is free.

If you have any questions about Waves’ participation and support, please ask them in our Telegram group. See you in The Hague!

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