Farewell Party for MRT Begins!

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On October 1 we announced our Farewell party for MRT: a sixty-day competition in which MRT holders will be able to win prizes totaling 70,000 WAVES. Now it’s time to reveal the games’ mechanics and rules.

Initially, we planned to distribute 1,000,000 WAVES in leases for a year. However, we’ve received many complaints. Players want to win tokens, and not everyone runs a full node. That’s why we’ve changed the rules. Now, we are going to distribute 70,000 WAVES — which will also be more profitable for participants.

The competition consists of two games that are completely decentralized, with no trusted parties or central server. All gameplay is automated and governed by the rules of a smart contract.

Every MRT holder can take part in the competition and receive a prize. You need to have Waves Keeper installed to access the games. You can find all updates and game links here.

FOMO game

  • Duration: December 4 — February 2
  • Ticket price: 100 MRT

In our FOMO game, players compete to be the last to buy a ticket before the timer reaches zero. The winner receives 500 WAVES. Each game round lasts for one day and consists of two parts:

  1. Play. Players compete against each other for 1,240 blocks.
  2. Withdrawal. The winner can claim their prize at any time until the end of the party.

If no one buys a ticket for 15 blocks, the round ends early and the most recent buyer wins. There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be bought by any given player.


  • Duration: 4 December — 13 January
  • Ticket price: 100 MRT

Two lotteries are based on a decentralized randomizer, a provably fair number-generation service on the Waves Platform open protocol. The probability of winning the lottery will be proportional to the number of tickets entrants purchase, using MRT.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We request a random number in the range of the number of purchased tickets by sending a transaction that has a unique, automatically-generated ID. This is the first component of the random number generation process.
  2. A server — an oracle managed by a smart contract — receives this transaction.
  3. The server implements an RSA signature for the transaction ID.
  4. The server sends an answer, the signed transaction identifier. This is our random number. It is now fixed on the blockchain.
  5. We reveal the result of the game to players.

We cannot predict the result of the signature. The random number and time of its request are recorded on the Waves blockchain forever. Any result can be mathematically verified. This method therefore ensures that manipulation is technically impossible. You can find a detailed description of how the RSA-based randomizer works here.

The draws for the lotteries will be conducted on 13 December and 13 January, with prizes for each of them:

  • 4 x 2,000 WAVES
  • 6 x 1,000 WAVES
  • 12 x 500 WAVES

Let’s celebrate!

We want to see as many players as possible to say goodbye to MRT. Feel free to ask any questions in our Telegram group and join the competition!

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