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Hello from MovieBloc Team,

From now on, we will share the most recent announcements, community updates, and media coverage through our monthly report ‘MovieBloc Newsletter’.

During the past month (from November 1st — November 30th),

(1) Technology Cooperation announcement with Blocery

MovieBloc and Blocery, as partners of Ontology, decided to operate TF (Task Force) team for accelerating Blockchain technology development. Both platforms will be using Ontology mainnet in the future; thus, sharing note system will have a good synergy between both platforms to open an official launch of MovieBloc and beta launch of Blocery. Please stay tuned for more updates!

(2) MovieBloc partners with Hankyoreh Education

MovieBloc signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hankyoreh Education. Through the partnership with Hankyoreh Film Academy, MovieBloc will continue to support the filmmakers from Hankyoreh Film Academy and provide monetization and self-promotion opportunities by showcasing their quality films. Furthermore, MovieBloc will encourage the Academy students to access the short, art, and indie films available on the website with the MBL token.

(3) MovieBloc participated in Ontrade’s first Meet-up in Korea

MovieBloc participated in Ontrade’s first Meetup at DeCentre Blockchain Cafe in Seoul, South Korea. MovieBloc Token(MBL) is also listed on OnTrade. At this event, MovieBloc talked about future plans including partnerships and marketing for the project.

(4) Introducing MovieBloc Ambassador

November 25th, MovieBloc held the opening ceremony for the launch of MovieBloc Ambassador. Total number of 350 people submitted applications for the MovieBloc Ambassador program and 35 people who have worked for film festival, made short films, experienced film industry were selected as the ambassadors. Starting this month, MovieBloc Ambassadors will be working hard to popularize short film and indie film until February 2020.

Thank you for your interest and please support our Ambassadors as well!

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