EOSC Weekly Report #70

EOSFORCE | 12.02| 228

11/25–12/01, 2019

Work Completed

1. Improved the support for the interactive development of and EOSC.

2. Designed the support plan for Codex.fc supporting multiple hash algorithms.

3. Researched the chain-running solution of running based on Golang.

4. Implemented the static declaration feature of the contractual account on, and researched the adaptation of EOSC to it.

5. Improved unit test.

6. Improved the support for EOSC wallet, fixed the bug.

Plan for Next Week

1. Merge the update of EOSIO with EOSC and

2. Test the compatibility of EOSIO v2.0.x branch with EOSC and

3. Collate the P2P protocol changes of the EOSIO v2.0.x branch, and fix the light node synchronization problem.

4. Improve the support for the interactive development of

5. Improved the unit test of

Community News

1. The fifth phase of EOSC community theme sharing event was successfully held. The community member Jichanglulu made a sharing of “EOSC Empowers the Real Economy”, sparking positive discussions in the community.

2. The founder of EOSC Cyborg was invited to participate in the theme sharing of “Development and Application of Blockchain Technology” hosted by DappOS.

3. Statute of Decentralized Budgeting Committee has been released, which will improve the operational efficiency of the committee and promote a more efficient governance of the EOSC community.

4. The EOSC Ecological Game Go Black developed by the DappBrids team has entered the development stage and proposed a budget proposal in the budget system.

5. The founder of EOSC Cyborg took an interview by EOS Summit to discuss the operation of the decentralized budget organization and talk about the development vision of the blockchain in 2020.

6. A Thanksgiving online event was held in EOSC English Community, evoking wild enthusiasm in the community.

Code Submissions: 57

Voting Users: 12,427

Voting Rate: 55%

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