December Hint Membership Announcement

Hintchain | 11.30| 116

1. New Membership Partners for December

This December, ‘6gram Grill Room’ becomes a Hint membership partner.

Grill Room is a premium fresh meat restaurant that infuses meat with technology. Located in a future restaurant RegularSix, at Grill Room you can experience aged meat that is aged at a perfect temperature and humidity measured by AI which has mastered the dry-aging technic of a master.

2. Online Product Launch in December

We are launching online products to make using Hint membership even more convenient!

Online products have been selected and set. The products will be opened to public after preparation of the Hint membership homepage is finished.

3. December ~ January, Hintchain FoodTech Meet-up

This event is a foodtech meet-up hosted by Hintchain.

We will introduce Hint membership to the experts in franchise industry, reporters, and anyone who is interested in foodtech. Through this is event we will promote Hint membership and make this a stepping stone for a partnership expansion.

4. Roadmap

👉December 2019: 6gram Grill Room, online membership launch

👉First Quater of 2020: Multiple Hint membership partners launch nationwide.

*We are organizing an open dates with the new and additional brands. These dates will be announced later on.

*Kakao Klaytn and exchange listing related timelines are not included in the roadmap. Please note this information.

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