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October 28th to November 3rd saw the second iteration of San Francisco Blockchain Week, otherwise referred to as SFBW. After a highly successful week of events in 2018, giants in the blockchain world gathered again for an action-packed agenda based in the high-tech city of San Francisco. With events such as the Crypto Economics Security Conference (CESC), Epicenter, and Blockchain Career Fair, the week of activities had something for everyone. Adding to the excitement, high-profile players from various industries all over the world spoke to the buzzing crowds, such as Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum, Don Tapscott, Co-founder and CEO of the Blockchain Research Institute, and Hester M. Pierce, representative of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It was an exciting time for Ontology, too, as a sponsor of the event.

At the Ontology Booth

With Jesse LIU, Ontology’s Marketing Director, and Ning HU, Ontology’s Senior Architecture Expert, stationed at the Ontology booth, many attendees were able to speak directly to our core team and have all of their questions answered. From receiving basic questions like “What is Ontology?” and “What are you currently working on?” to more advanced queries like “What is TRUSTredefined?”, Jesse and Ning were able to confidently demonstrate Ontology’s technology and products to the interested onlookers.

Blockchain Bash with Crypto Briefing

With industry experts from the likes of Crypto Briefing, Simetri, and Ontology, Blockchain Bash was an excellent time for all of those in attendance. The Ontology team in attendance reported high interest from those in the crowd; a good sign for Ontology’s venture into the U.S. market.

Cross-Chain: From A to B Then Back

Along with our booth, Ontology also organized our “Cross-Chain: From A-to-B then Back” workshop in collaboration with SesameSeed, ETCLabs, bloXrouteLabs, and MouseBelt. The event was a huge success with plenty of productive discussions had.

U.S.-China Blockchain Gaming Investment Summit

During the summit, Jesse had the opportunity to address the crowd during his speech, detailing the latest in Ontology with particular focus on how we are progressing to allow developers from around the world to participate as part of the Ontology ecosystem.

Live AMA with LINO

Lastly, Ning was invited to join Wilson Wei, LINO’s CEO, for a live AMA session on the DLive channel. During the session, Ning spoke in-depth about Ontology, giving insight into our latest developments and our goals for the future. To watch the session in full, click here.

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