LRC is listed on VCC Exchange, Powered by Bittrex in Vietnam

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We are excited to announce that LRC is listed on VCC Exchange, supporting LRC/BTC trading pair on November 22, 2019. VCC Exchange is partnering with Bittrex to leverage its cutting edge technology to offer customers in Vietnam a secure, reliable and advanced trading experience.

VCC Exchange will offer users the full liquidity pool of the Bittrex Team technology platform via its mobile app and website along with 24/7 customer support technical support. VCC Exchange also supports IEO and FIAT Trading (which supports many altcoins pairing directly to fiat).

About VCC Exchange

VCC Exchange, based in Singapore and operating in Vietnam, is the most liquid Vietnamese exchange thanks to partnership with Bittrex. Being compliant and having worked with the government in few initiatives, VCC Exchange focuses on bringing a reliable, transparent trading platform and world-leading technology applications, so people can feel safe and secure using our services.

The team consists of famous blockchain individuals. VCC Exchange is invested by prestigious international funds including Signum Capital and Axiom Associates.

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