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The first phase of secure migration to the new exchange service has now begun. All current users of the Waves wallet and DEX can import their seed phrases to the new Waves.Exchange domain with just one click!

Your seed phrases are not stored on a central server — they are held locally on your device, just as before, so your security is not compromised.

To start migration, you need to open your wallet, and when you log into your account on the original application, you will see a pop-up window with information about the migration process. Simply follow the instructions.

ATTENTION!!! The migration process for web wallets is ONLY available from the web domains and To complete migration for the desktop client you must use the Waves DEX desktop application you have already installed.

Do not use any other domains for migration, do not input your seed phrases and/or private keys anywhere, and do not download any other clients aside from the software indicated for the migration process from your current Waves DEX client. The migration process does not require you to input your seed phrases and/or private keys anywhere. Waves Platform or Waves.Exchange employees will never ask you to provide any kind of personal information, including private keys and/or seed phrases.

The migration process is absolutely free, and it will not affect any gateways, which will process all transactions as normal. You do not need to pay or send any tokens to anyone to complete migration.

We have prepared a webpage with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If there’s anything you’re uncertain about, it’s likely you’ll be able to find out more here:

After the migration process completes successfully, you’ll get a notification. This means that on December 2, when use of all the old applications will be discontinued, you’ll be ready to use the new Waves.Exchange app straight away.

Don’t forget to update your mobile app on Google Play (Android) or the AppStore (iOS). This will also ensure uninterrupted access to the exchange on launch day.


In our previous announcement, we mentioned that we will have a number of advisors who will oversee the new exchange. The list of advisors includes the following people:

Rob Van de Camp: advisor and technical consultant

Rob van de Camp (G1zm0nl) has gained entrepreneurial experience across a multitude of ICT disciplines since 2003, which has contributed to his expertise in a variety of fields — from Linux, PHP and cyber security to data centers, ISO27001/9001 and online marketing. He has been active in the blockchain community since 2013, and a part of Waves community since the very beginning. Rob is well known for maintaining his own data center and the statistics website Within the blockchain space Rob has worked with and for projects including Waves and MyTrackNet.

Marc Jansen: advisor and technical consultant

Marc Jansen (hawky) has been involved with the Waves platform right from the very start. He was a Day 1 ICO investor and has developed tools and services on the platform for as long as it has existed, supporting a large number of different projects. His interests lie in Software Engineering and Software Quality Management, with a special focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Marc has supported projects on different levels, ranging from blockchain infrastructure up to (decentralized) applications on top of distributed ledger technologies. Marc holds a Masters degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science.

Ioann Voronin: advisor and product consultant

Ioann Voronin is an entrepreneur and developer with more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. In 2017, Ioann assembled the Tradisys development team, which has made a significant contribution to supporting the development of the Waves ecosystem. Over the past two years, the team has developed many decentralized applications, built several major trading systems, and won the world’s largest hackathon using Waves technology — Odyssey.

– Sasha Ivanov: advisor and consultant on ecosystem interaction

Waves founder Sasha Ivanov graduated from Moscow State University’s theoretical physics department in 2001. He did further studies at Germany’s Leipzig University and took an early interest in digital currencies. Around 2009, he became involved in programming bots for trading on international forex markets, making use of artificial neural networks, and later worked on trading operations and neural network trading systems for banks. In 2016, he launched Waves Platform, an open blockchain platform and Waves Enterprise in 2019, a global private blockchain solution.

For any questions related to account migration to the new exchange, please contact us via our Telegram channel or ask one of our advisors. You can also find our FAQ here:

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