Weekly Update 11/8/19

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In this week’s update, we catch up on an unmissable seven days in Nano. The ecosystem continues to make significant strides forward, with the addition of Nano to the Kraken Digital Asset Exchange and the launch of a newly refreshed website. An exchange listing with ProBit Global and an insightful spotlight of crypto merchant AnchorX round off the news this week. Let’s get to it!

The new is here!

We are delighted to have this week presented the newly re-designed and completely refreshed

Introducing the New

The new website takes its place alongside the improved documentation and newly released support and discussion forums. Some subtle tweaks to the branding to help ensure that Nano is as accessible and easy to understand as possible. Updated branding packs accompany the website, so if you are running a Nano service that uses Nano branding — be sure to check out the updated materials.

The Nano Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank the community members who have helped to provide valuable input and feedback into the process and assisted with translations of the site.

Nano listed on Kraken

The addition of Nano to Kraken, the well known and popular US-based digital assert exchange, marks an important milestone in the maturation of the Nano ecosystem.

Users of the service are now able to trade Nano with BTC, ETH, EUR, and USD. The availability of a direct USD pair, in particular, makes Nano more accessible than ever before, especially for users in North America.

ProBit Global adds Nano

ProBit Global welcomed Nano to its platform this week, adding the Korean Won to the long list of direct fiat pairs now available. With a strong focus on engaging South American communities, ProBit becomes another particularly useful service to Nano users living in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, as well as the rest of the world.

Binance Research Publish Research Report

After a productive collaborative process with the Nano Foundation, Tuesday saw Binance Research publish its comprehensive report on Nano. Covering everything from why Nano is so important, how it works and how it can help empower the world with access to digital money, the write-up provides readers with everything they need to know.

Binance Research Report - Nano (NANO)

We recommend this resource to anyone interested in learning more about Nano or for anyone discovering Nano for the first time.

Community Spotlight: AnchorX

The new community-appointed Principal Representative and the long-running crypto-shopping platform was the subject of our Spotlight this week. CEO and Founder John Hicks spoke with us about the AnchorX journey so far and why Nano is a perfect fit when buying or selling with crypto.

Community Spotlight: AnchorX

John also spoke to the decision to begin participating in the Nano network with the recent launch of an AnchorX representative node.

Being able to send transactions instantly without a fee outweighs the benefit of receiving mining rewards for the majority of people. With a strong Nano user base, the natural incentive model works by incentivizing the community (businesses included) to support the network. Nano has the ability to truly transform digital payments with the natural incentive model.

An illuminating spotlight that highlights how the natural incentive model of Nano’s security mechanism is adopted and embraced by services. We expect to see more and more services running representatives as they start to see the benefit of having a fee-less and instant value transfer network at their disposal.

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